Dan­ny Mac has done it again with the release of yet anoth­er amaz­ing edit that is sure to top the Inter­net video charts.  In this video Dan­ny turns a young boys imag­i­nary, action fig­ure bike park made of toys into real­i­ty. Watch Dan­ny ride this life size toy land on his trusty steed. Dan­ny MacAskill is tru­ly a real life action fig­ure that knows how to “play bikes”.

Dan­ny MacAskill has rede­fined what is pos­si­ble on a bicy­cle. This POC-spon­sored rid­er blends the pre­ci­sion of tri­als rid­ing with steezy street moves to cre­ate one of the most pro­gres­sive styles out there. In this video Dan­ny shares some insight into why he rides the way he does. Watch this inspi­ra­tional Scot­tish fel­low take to the streets of San Fran­cis­co, spin­ning and hop­ping his way across the city to a chill soundtrack.