Our mem­bers recent­ly took to Insta­gram to show off their Clymb pride. Pho­tos tagged with #Clym­bLove were eli­gi­ble for $100 in gear. Here are the ten winners:

Mitch — Red Lodge Moun­tain in Montana 

Mitch - Red Lodge Mountain in Montana


@anya_lys — Ice fish­ing in the Adirondack



@jhsiaomei — Hid­den Val­ley Mt.



Bren­dan Ellis (Frozen Bering Sea)

Brendan Ellis (Frozen Bering Sea)


Kasey — hik­ing to the top of Mt. LeCon­te in Gatlin­burg, TN



hap­py­oc­topi — Nap Ali Coast (#nofil­ter)


@kiwi_nyer — Snow­bird, Utah



@nathanaellynch — Min­neha­ha boulderin


@mikeyturner — (Park­our?)



@trekker_heck — (127 hours guy) Boul­der­ing in Col­orado Springs




Noth­ing tells the tale of an epic adven­ture like the state of your gear when it’s over. If your gear could talk, which piece would have us lis­ten­ing with rapt atten­tion? What has seen the most trav­els, crossed the most miles, and shared the most memories?

Share a pic of that gear and tell us in 50 words or less (Hey, your gear is doing most of the talk­ing here!) why this gear has seen it all. You can post the pic to our Face­book wall, email it to contests@theclymb.com, or tag us on Insta­gram (#The­Clymb). We’ll pick three win­ners for Clymb credit.

And trust us: With the Black Fri­day event we have planned for you, you’ll appre­ci­ate the cred­it. You have until tomor­row at 5pm EDT to get your pics in.


Pho­to Credit

For more than 20 years the Dan­skin Triathlon Series has been sup­port­ing and inspir­ing female ath­letes at all lev­els. We’re excit­ed about our upcom­ing event with Dan­skin and with their next triathlon right around the cor­ner (July 22nd in Web­ster, MA), we thought it might be fun to let our female triath­letes show off their win­ning moments.

Ladies, do you have a post-triathlon pho­to that cap­tures your moment of tri­umph? We’d love to see it. Share it with us on Insta­gram using #The­Clymb #Dan­skin­TriS­eries. We’ll award a few pics with Clymb cred­it. Con­test ends on Fri­day, July 20th at 3pm EST.

For more dates in the Dan­skin Triathlon Series click here.


Today we kicked off sev­er­al events of kicks: Wom­en’s Every­day Footwear, Men’s Every­day Footwear, and Flip Flops.

While you’re stock­ing up on new footwear, we want to see what’s being replaced. We all have that one pair of shoes, flip flops, or boots that have been put through it. They’ve accom­pa­nied us on many adven­tures and have the bat­tle scars to prove it. Most peo­ple might call them worn and ugly, we call them well-loved.

Show us your most ‘well-loved’ shoes on Insta­gram and we’ll pick a few favorite pics to award Clymb cred­it, which you can then use to buy more footwear. Cir­cle of life, peo­ple. Cir­cle of life.

Tag your pho­tos #The­Clymb and #WellLoved­Kicks so we can judge and then keep your eyes peeled for your win­ning noti­fi­ca­tion on Insta­gram. Con­test ends tomor­row at 3pm Eastern.

Pho­to Credit

Lots of toes in inter­est­ing places, but we had to pick three. The win­ning pho­tos in our Toes on the Nose Insta­gram con­test are:

From Jes­si­ca…

From Miles…

And we’re still wait­ing to hear back from our third win­ner. Once we do, we’ll share it on Face­book. Make sure you fol­low us to stay updat­ed on our next Insta­gram pho­to contest.

Howler Broth­ers


We’re not a super­sti­tious lot, but today is Fri­day the 13th and we’d be remiss if we did­n’t have a lit­tle fun with that. In hon­or of today’s Howler Broth­ers event, we want to see your best Scream Face. And we don’t mean shock and awe, but down­right ter­ror. Like Ghost­face just appeared in your door­way. Or you just logged into The Clymb and dis­cov­ered that your pro­cras­ti­na­tion led to miss­ing out on the Howler Broth­ers Log­ger­head. Like that.

Share your pho­tos on Insta­gram and tag #The­Clymb and #Howler­Bros so we can see it. We’ll give you till Sun­day 9am EST to get this one done. Be sure to check your Insta­gram com­ments to see if you’re a win­ner and claim your prize.

Tak­en from our dai­ly email fac­toid, Did You Know?: The founders of Howler Broth­ers aren’t broth­ers. And they don’t howl. The name pays trib­ute to the howler mon­keys that kept them up while in Cos­ta Rica on surf trips. After a while, the star­tling howls became a part of the part­ners’ col­lec­tive feel­ing of being in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca and served as a con­stant reminder that they were in a good place, doing some­thing they loved.

Pho­to Credit

Inspired by today’s Toes on the Nose event, we want to see your lit­tle pig­gies. Stop what you’re doing and take a pic of your toes on… well, be cre­ative. Toes on the desk? Toes on the chair? Toes on your hair? Toes on your boss, if you dare?

Share it on Insta­gram with #The­Clymb #ToesOn­TheNose so we can find it. Con­test ends tomor­row at 3pm EST.

Tomor­row, we’ll give the best three some Clymb cred­it. Remem­ber to hash­tag it prop­er­ly so we can find it. Also, keep check­ing your pho­to com­ments tomor­row to see if you’ve won. We’ll com­ment on the win­ning pho­tos with instruc­tions on how to claim your prize.

Note: We’re not respon­si­ble for the strange looks you may get from co-work­ers. It’s not our fault your co-work­ers aren’t that cool. And mad cool points if you can get toes on your nose.


By the entries, we can tell that our mem­bers kicked it hard on July 4th, and we had just as much fun look­ing through all the pho­tos in our July 4th Insta­gram contest.

The three win­ners are:

Dylan Kunkel and Beandip at Mar­vin Beach — $25 Winners!


Andrew David­son Jr, our $15 winner!


We’re still wait­ing for our $10 win­ner, @joecorrado, to get back to us so we can share the pic and award his prize!

Pho­to Credit

We admit it: We’re kin­da addict­ed to Instagram.

And what bet­ter time to take fan­tas­tic pics than when you have a day off in the mid­dle of the week to spend out­doors with fam­i­ly and friends? We want you to show us how you’re spend­ing your 4th of July hol­i­day outdoors.

Take a pho­to that best cap­tures your Inde­pen­dence Day out­doors on Wednes­day, July 4th and share it on Insta­gram. Tag it with #The­Clymb and #RWBCLYMB  (for Red, White, & Blue) so we can find it.

We’ll award three pho­tos with $25, $15, and $10 in Clymb cred­it on Thurs­day morning.

Note: Don’t for­get to tag the pho­tos with #The­Clymb and #RWBCLYMB so we can find your entry.