Vestal Monte Carlo watchThe Vestal Monte Car­lo is an under­stat­ed achieve­ment. The hood is built from sol­id min­er­al crys­tal but what lies beneath is what real­ly gives this baby oomph. Pre­ci­sion com­po­nents col­lide to give you an expe­ri­ence so smooth and nat­ur­al it’ll feel like you’re wear­ing a sec­ond skin. And it’s big.

Keep track of two sep­a­rate time zones with the ana­log and dig­i­tal inter­face. Say you’re root­ed in Port­land, Ore­gon, but need to be on-point for when the Asia-Pacif­ic stock mar­ket opens. No prob­lem. Los­ing your­self in the great out­doors and need to be remind­ed of an impor­tant date? You’re cov­ered. Use the inte­grat­ed alarm to tip you off.

After work and play, take this beau­ty out to the bars and be more irre­sistible than Roger Moore. The retro styling ensures this clas­sic time­piece will nev­er lose its appeal, and a sexy green glow illu­mi­nates the back­ground when the lights are dim. Pair with a gold chain for max­i­mum effect. The Monte Car­lo is sure to purr like a kit­ten through all your life’s adventures. 

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Tory Robin­son won more than 1st place in Mt. Hood Mead­ows 6th Annu­al Sno-Kona Pond Skim. He also got the girl. Decked out his James Bond finest, Robin­son snow­board­ed across the pond, dis­patched of the bad guys, and then dropped down to one knee and pro­posed to Sab­ri­na LaGood — how’s that for the per­fect Bond Girl name?

LaGood said yes, and we’re guess­ing the trip for two to Hawaii Robin­son won will come in handy as a hon­ey­moon destination.

[Via: MtHood­Mead­ows]