Don’t let the peace­ful begin­ning fool you; this video fea­tures one of the most ter­ri­fy­ing encoun­ters imag­in­able. Patag­o­nia ambas­sador Kimi Wern­er recalls the moment when she encoun­tered a great white shark.

Most of us would hear the Jaws theme song pound­ing in our heads, and we’d fran­ti­cal­ly get out of the water. Not Wern­er, she does what only a pro­fes­sion­al can. She taps into her expe­ri­ence and makes a ratio­nal decision.

It’s just three feet away, but she reads the shark’s body lan­guage. Fins out, swim­ming slow­ly, the shark appears total­ly chill. So Wern­er does what seems sui­ci­dal; she swims toward it.

And for a moment, the fear­some myth of Jaws is forgotten. 

Despite not win­ning a sin­gle com­pe­ti­tion dur­ing the fourth sea­son of the Big Wave World Tour, Greg Long has been crowned as the world champ.

Long won the title by turn­ing in sol­id per­for­mances in every event, fin­ish­ing 2nd in Oregon’s Nelscott Reef Big Wave Clas­sic, 3rd place at Mav­er­icks, and 2nd at the Pico Alto event in Peru.

To get a taste for what the world champ is capa­ble of, take a look at this video as he rips up Jaws on the North Shore of Maui.

Con­grats Greg!

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The big wave surf­ing reef break on the island of Maui rev­er­ent­ly known as “Jaws” has more than earned its badass moniker. Waves there are rumored to reach up to 120ft and move as fast as 30mph. The waves at Jaws have been rid­den by surf­ing pio­neers like Laird Hamil­ton and Dave Kala­ma. In this video, 19-year-old pad­dler Kai Lenny takes his own attempt at badassery — and succeeds.