Train­ing wheels are ancient his­to­ry these days as kids learn to ride on bal­ance bikes, two-wheeled rides that eschew chains and ped­als. These foot-pro­pelled bikes increase bal­ance and han­dling skills to make the tran­si­tion to a nor­mal bicy­cle a cakewalk.

An extreme exam­ple can be seen in this amaz­ing video of Jack­son Gold­stein shred­ding on his bal­ance bike as he rides into kindergarten.

Fast for­ward a few years, add some ped­als and a chain­line, and Jack­son is now a spon­sored rid­er. In this video Jack­son jumps, flips, and spins his lit­tle bike around the Wood­ward skate park with flow that rid­ers three times his age would sell their soul for.

Give your child the gift of bal­ance on two wheels with the bal­ance bikes fea­tured here.