Some days my job is super easy because some brands pret­ty much sell them­selves. They’re well known and well loved, and you guys are always ready for them to make an appear­ance on The Clymb. Today is such a day, when all I have to do is say one word and you’ll know you’re in for a great event.


Mul­ti­ple events, one brand. There’s a KAVU men’s event fea­tur­ing items like Busy Livin’ Tee, com­plete­ly grown, sewn, pack­aged and shipped all with­in the U.S.A; a KAVU wom­en’s event with the Aval­on short, offer­ing a relaxed-fit with a cool look, and a KAVU bag and acces­sories event with the Himu­ka Bag and the Low­pro Wal­let. Of course, that’s just a taste.

Click any of the links above to check out the full spec­trum of items, all avail­able to Clymb mem­bers at up to 60% off.

I think it’s a pret­ty sol­id way to start the week, don’t you? I’ll be on Twit­ter or Face­book if you have any ques­tions or would like an invitation.