NOW we have bikes.

Are you a cyclist because reduc­ing your car­bon foot­print is impor­tant to you? Do you pre­fer to com­mute to work on two wheels? Does trav­el­ing by bike make you feel more engaged in the world as you go?

If so, Kilo­watt bikes are for you. And we’re bring­ing them to our mem­bers at up to 70% off. Not inter­est­ed in the race, these ped­al, cruis­er and com­muter bikes help you focus on con­ve­nience, health, and hap­pi­ness. Mem­bers, to shop Kilo­watt click here.

And since there’s an extra hour of sun­light, you have an extra hour to rock a pair of sun­glass­es from our selec­tion of Zeal, Anon, Native, and SPY — all great qual­i­ty and high style at up to 60% off. Spring for­ward in style now.

If you’re not a mem­ber, you can’t shop, but we’re hap­py to extend an invi­ta­tion if you drop by Twit­ter or Face­book and let us know you need one.