Black Diamond Stone Glove

black-diamond-stone-glove-featuredWhether you’re jug­ging on El Cap or belay­ing at the gym you’ll be stoked on the extra pro­tec­tion pro­vid­ed by the Stone Glove from Black Dia­mond. Built from all-nat­ur­al goat leather, these gloves are extreme­ly sup­ple and require hard­ly any break-in, if at all. They’re rein­forced in the palm and knuck­les as well, and KEVLAR stitch­ing can stand up to the most rugged abuse.

Not only do these gloves pro­vide pro­tec­tion, but they also pro­vide dex­ter­i­ty as well. Grasp­ing cara­bin­ers, unty­ing knots, and deal­ing with slings is a breeze thanks to the 3/4‑finger design. Hook and loop clo­sure ensures a snug fit at the cuffs and there’s a spa­cious clip-in point that will eas­i­ly accept a lock­ing bin­er, allow­ing you to secure­ly hang them from your har­ness when not in use. All these fea­tures add up to a well-round­ed glove that’s suit­able for years of ver­ti­cal adventures.

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