Brazil­ian surfer Car­los Burle rode what is believed to be the largest wave ever surfed. The ini­tial esti­mate of the mon­ster wave Burle caught at Nazare, Por­tu­gal is over 100-feet high.

But that’s not all Burle did that day. Ear­li­er that morn­ing he also res­cued fel­low Brazil­ian surfer, Maya Gabeira, 26, after she was pinned beneath the white­wash of a 70-foot wave.

Here is the footage of her rescue: 

Ms. Gabeira lost con­scious­ness in the water dur­ing a fran­tic res­cue attempt, and a res­cue team includ­ing Burle resus­ci­tat­ed her on the beach per­form­ing CPR. She regained con­scious­ness before she was rushed to the hos­pi­tal in Leiria.

She is cur­rent­ly in sta­ble con­di­tion and is expect­ed to make a full recovery.

And Burle’s wave is expect­ed to land him in the record books.