CAMP Women's Ed Micro Jacket Evo LadyThis sleek, women’s spe­cif­ic micro hood­ed jack­et gives you the warmth you need when the temps dip sub-freez­ing, with­out the enor­mous bulk that makes you feel like the Stay Puff Marsh­mal­low Man.

You can wear it as insu­la­tion beneath a shell on the cold­est days, but the pro­pri­etary Ara­neum fab­ric gives it an out­er­wear style per­for­mance that’s wind­proof and water resis­tant. But what makes this micro-puff excep­tion­al is that the 680-pre­mi­um-grade down weighs just over 10 ounces. For light­weight pack-abil­i­ty, it’s a no brain­er to bring it along on back­pack­ing trips, road trips, or win­ter ski expeditions. 

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