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Lib­er­ty Bot­tle­works: Lib­er­ty defines our Amer­i­can her­itage. They build their bot­tles in the Unit­ed States and employ indi­vid­ual artists to cre­ate unique designs. Join the tra­di­tion with an Amer­i­can orig­i­nal here. 

Lite­speed: Born from hum­ble begin­nings in 1986, Lite­speed crafts state-of-the-art tita­ni­um and car­bon frames that are built to be strong and light. Click through to shop stun­ning frames and com­plete bicycles.

Mile High Moun­taineer­ing: You’re pack­ing for a 3‑day float when you dis­cov­er your over­sized sleep­ing bag and your gear smor­gas­bord won’t fit in the dry bag. Get orga­nized with the com­pres­sion sacks and dry­loc bags fea­tured here. 


Yog­a­Rat: Yogis should stretch their backs not their bank accounts, which is why Yog­a­Rat offers its pre­mi­um yoga acces­sories at afford­able prices. Help keep your chakras aligned with these mats, tow­els, and more.

Shred Ready: Stub­born­ness can get you through tough odds, but no mat­ter how hard of a head you’ve got, it’s not going to pro­tect you when you fall. This col­lec­tion of hel­mets from Shred Ready will do the trick. 

Men’s Essen­tials: That time between train­ing rides, marathons, and sum­mit bids is the rest of your life. Don’t let it catch you with your pants down. Equip your­self with these belts, watch­es, bags, and more.


Wom­en’s Out­door Appar­el: Fash­ion­istas don’t want to see your mud­dy plaid on their glitzy run­ways. That’s okay. You don’t want to see their Louis Vuit­ton stilet­tos on your trail. Shop styl­ish out­door appar­el here.

The Young Explor­er: Kids shoes and clothes have to endure every­thing from mud and grass stains to the slime of a cap­tured slug. This col­lec­tion is designed to stand up to what­ev­er abus­es your young explor­ers dish out.


STILL AVAILABLE: Camel­Bak, Sher­pa Adven­ture Gear, COMUNE appar­el, STRAFE Out­er­wear, Som­brio cycle appar­el, & more! 


The Human Ante­lope: Did you know? On Octo­ber 28th (that’s today!), 1978, Don Ritchie, who is large­ly con­sid­ered one of the best ultra-long dis­tance run­ners of all time, broke the 100km record. And no, it’s not because no one had ever run that far before. He set the record in London’s Crys­tal Palace where he ran 100km in the record time of six hours, ten min­utes, and 20 sec­onds. That’s less than six min­utes a mile! This phe­nom­e­nal record last­ed for 25 years.


Pho­to Cour­tesy of RAMP

If you approach a blan­ket of untracked pow­der like an artist regard­ing an emp­ty can­vas, anx­ious to leave your mark, Rid­ers Artists Musi­cians Project (RAMP) snow­boards are for you. Their award-win­ning gear pays homage to the splen­dor of the great out­doors with gor­geous graph­ics and flex­es made specif­i­cal­ly for the speed and ath­let­ic abil­i­ty of each type of rid­er. Whether you like to shred the pipe, carve turns down the moun­tain, or both, today’s selec­tion of RAMP snow­boards will get the job done in style.

Each snow­boards ships in a reusable padded bag val­ued at $100, and avail­able to you at no extra cost. Con­sid­er it RAMP’s way of less­en­ing the amount of tra­di­tion­al ship­ping box­es in our land­fills, spread­ing the word about going green, and giv­ing you a lit­tle extra added val­ue. What’s not to love about that?

RAMP’s gear is endorsed by pro snow­board­ers includ­ing Olympic gold medal­ist Ross Pow­ers and sev­en-time X‑Games champ Lind­sey Jacobellis—both RAMP ambas­sadors. Mem­bers, shop RAMP’s snow­boards to the pros here at exclu­sive pricing.

Also fea­tured today:

Make turns and turn heads at home or abroad with a pair of bam­boo-core skis from Lib­er­ty Skis. A ver­i­ta­ble melt­ing pot of the world’s best tech­nolo­gies, there’s no moun­tain these skis can’t tame in the name of the shred white and blue.

A pil­low on a back­pack­ing trip is lux­u­ry no longer with the inno­v­a­tive Pil­low Stack­ers from Mile High Moun­taineer­ing (MHM). The Pil­low Stack­ers is a zip­pered bag with a soft microfiber top. Stuff a few base lay­ers inside to give it loft and then… Presto! Say hel­lo to com­fort in the back­coun­try. Today we’re offer­ing a selec­tion of MHM back­packs, water­proof stor­age bags, Pil­low Stack­ers, and com­pres­sion sacks.

Get relief for your feet by step­ping off the trail and into com­fort with Acorn slip­pers, moc­casins, boots, clogs, and more.

Don’t for­get: Every­thing in your cart will ship for free when you add a The Clymb t‑shirt to your order.

Also Fea­tured This Week: 

Ride With PDW, Plus Chrome, Mer­rell, and Inov‑8

Live the Cushe Life, Plus Ore­gon Sci­en­tif­ic, Stan­ley, and Shred Ready

Adiron­dack Kids Program

We promised a week of great events and we meant it. As we teased on Face­book — where one lucky mem­ber won $25 for cor­rect­ly guess­ing the brand (seri­ous­ly, if you’re not hang­ing with us on Face­book, you’re miss­ing out) — we’ve got a Moun­tain Hard­wear event unlike any you’ve ever seen.

We’re excit­ed to share items like the Men’s Mon­key Man Jack­et: a trim fit and plush, high-pile Mon­key Phur for out­stand­ing ther­mal effi­cien­cy and warmth-to-weight ratio. An essen­tial lay­er­ing piece; the Men’s Android Jack­et: ath­let­ic and wind proof, in a min­i­mal­ist design, and much, much more.

Men’s Zon­al Jacket

Stock up on cool­er weath­er active wear (fall is right around the cor­ner) for men and boys, and women and girls, all at up to 55% off.

And we’re keep­ing the awe­some rolling with up to 55% off Mile High Moun­taineer­ing back­packs and pil­lows. Spend­ing time out­doors is near and dear to this com­pa­ny’s heart and hear­ing the sto­ries of what peo­ple real­ly need and want out of their back­packs is what inspires their every design. You can give your­self a good pack on the back here.

We’ve also got a sweet deal on a year’s sub­scrip­tion to Out­side Mag­a­zine. Mem­bers of The Clymb can receive that sub­scrip­tion at 50% off the nor­mal price. Sub­scribe to Out­side Mag­a­zine for $12 here.

We’re also avail­able on Twit­ter, ready to answer your event ques­tions and lis­ten to your sug­ges­tions. If you need an invite, let us know that too, and we’ll make it happen.