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Bon­fire: Shred­ding a rail is cool. Shred­ding your clothes is not. Good thing Bonfire’s cloth­ing is “Tai­lored to Destroy,” built to with­stand cringe-wor­thy rag­dolls. Today we’re fea­tur­ing jack­ets, pants, and more.

Mil­let Packs & Appar­el: Rein­hold Mess­ner was the first man to climb to the sum­mit of Ever­est with­out the use of an oxy­gen mask. One thing he did­n’t leave behind was his Mil­let back­pack! See our col­lec­tion here.


C.A.M.P.: Some of us draw inspi­ra­tion from gaz­ing at the moun­tains. Oth­ers climb them. This col­lec­tion of moun­taineer­ing gear from C.A.M.P. will out­fit you to scale the sum­mits. Shop now!


Kel­ty: Take your Sat­ur­day night pop­corn and board games camp­ing on a peak or in the park, with sleep­ing bags and packs from Kel­ty, the active fam­i­ly experts.


Zoot: By water, foot, and bike, you need seri­ous racewear that can endure your moti­va­tion. This col­lec­tion of com­pres­sion shorts, tights, and more has won over triath­letes for the past 25 years.


Hi-Tec: An inno­va­tor of rugged, durable footwear, Hi-Tec changed the game when they invent­ed the light­weight hik­ing boot cat­e­go­ry. Today’s col­lec­tion includes boots and sandals.



Deep Sea Mon­ster Caught! Did you know? On Sep­tem­ber 30th (that’s today!), 2004, researchers from Japan’s Nation­al Sci­ence Muse­um cap­tured the first images of a giant squid in its nat­ur­al habi­tat. The researchers dis­cov­ered the squids’ quar­ry 600 miles off the coast of Japan, deep in the cold and shad­owy depths of the Pacif­ic. Their pho­tographs of the 16-foot squid did not lay to rest the ages of folk­lore dat­ing back to the ancient Greeks about these mas­sive ‘sea mon­sters.’ The sci­en­tists spec­u­late that giant squid can grow upward of 60ft. but no one has ever dis­cov­ered a spec­i­men that large, yet.


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Fresh on the menu today:






Salomon: Salomon was found­ed in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps, the birth­place of mod­ern alpin­ism. Dri­ven by pas­sion for ski­ing and design inno­va­tion, Fran­cois Salomon and his son George designed and per­fect­ed many of the first mod­ern ski bind­ings. The com­pa­ny has since earned a rep­u­ta­tion for excel­lence in design­ing goods for oth­er out­door activ­i­ties, expand­ing its line to include every­thing from trail run­ning footwear to tech­ni­cal appar­el and socks. Today at The Clymb, we’re excit­ed to be offer­ing Men’s and Wom­en’s Salomon footwear, socks, and tech­ni­cal appar­el at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.





Mil­let Mil­let cre­at­ed the first tech­ni­cal back­pack when they added shoul­der straps to shop­ping bags in 1934. The design rock­et­ed the brand to the top of the out­door world and soon they focused exclu­sive­ly on build­ing tech­ni­cal prod­ucts for use in moun­tain envi­ron­ments. Dur­ing the 1980s in France the brand was so syn­ony­mous with packs it had become a pro­pri­etary eponym, join­ing the ranks of Xerox, Kleenex, and Band Aid. Today, Mil­let con­tin­ues to push the bound­aries of and set the stan­dards for elite moun­tain gear. Get what you need to reach the sum­mit with packs, jack­ets, gloves, and more at mem­ber exclu­sive pricing.





Gaiam: Gaiam, pro­nounced “guy-um,” was found­ed in Boul­der, Col­orado in 1988. Its name is a com­bi­na­tion of “Gaia” (Moth­er Earth) and “I am.” The peo­ple behind the com­pa­ny believe that all of the plan­et’s air, land, oceans, and liv­ing mat­ter form an inter­con­nect­ed weave that can be seen as a sin­gle enti­ty, or Moth­er Earth. And they want you to tap into that ener­gy as part of a healthy lifestyle and path to per­son­al devel­op­ment. Shop the inspir­ing col­lec­tion here at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.





Alite Designs: San Fran­cis­co-based Alite Designs wants to get you out­side. Start­ed by a small group of rab­ble-rousers, the brand is com­mit­ted to design­ing for­ward think­ing gear that is as use­ful for every­day liv­ing as it is for epic out­door adven­tures, ensur­ing that noth­ing stands between you and your adven­tures. Shop the col­lec­tion of packs, camp, and dog acces­sories now!




Autumn Eye­wear: Whether for hik­ing, rid­ing, beach bum­ming, or hid­ing a hang­over at work, a good pair of sun­glass­es is an essen­tial item in every out­door junkie’s kit. We’ve got the style you need on sale in today’s huge sum­mer sun­glass­es event. Look boss even if you’re a grunt with a new pair of shades from top brands, avail­able now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.



The Patron Saint: Did you know? On Sep­tem­ber 5 (that’s today!), 1997, Moth­er Tere­sa tran­scend­ed into the spir­i­tu­al realm, leav­ing behind a lega­cy of unprece­dent­ed human­i­tar­i­an­ism. The recip­i­ent of numer­ous hon­ors includ­ing the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize, Moth­er Tere­sa was ranked first by Amer­i­cans in Gallup’s List of Most Wide­ly Admired Peo­ple of the 20th Cen­tu­ry. Devot­ing her life to help­ing the sick and the poor, she found­ed the Mis­sion­ar­ies of Char­i­ty, as of 2012 con­sists of over 4,500 sis­ters and is active in 133 coun­tries. Fol­low­ing her death, Pope John Paul II gave her the title of “Blessed Tere­sa of Calcutta.”