If you find the time and moolah to go ski­ing, don’t waste your snow day pulling out the phone to let every­one know you’re drink­ing cocoa at the mid­way. There are a host of out­doorsy apps that could prove use­ful in opti­miz­ing your time at the moun­tain. Whether it’s keep­ing a dig­i­tal eye on everyone’s loca­tion, or track­ing ver­ti­cal feet, uti­lize your smart phone effec­tive­ly, not often. And to get you start­ed on opti­miz­ing your ski expe­ri­ence, here are 10 ski apps to down­load right now:

OFFGRID, for Android
A recent­ly released new app made for the out­doors­man or woman who has trou­ble unplug­ging at the right moments. By a push of a sin­gle but­ton, OFFGRID blocks all incom­ing mes­sages to your smart phone. With a fire­wall that can be sur­passed by cer­tain excep­tions, and an auto­mat­ic reply let­ting pos­si­ble peace-time intrud­ers know you’ve stepped away a moment, it’s per­fect for some­one who likes to escape for a cou­ple of hours. Offer­ing a report detail­ing what you’ve missed while you were out, OFFGRID is for those who like to earn their escapes as well.

Ski Tracks, for iPhone
Ski Tracks is a great mobile GPS app that allows you to track your runs, routes, and ele­va­tion all day as you bomb it down some black dia­monds. With over 14 hours of avail­able stor­age, you’ll have to resort to night ski­ing to fill up its mem­o­ry. And the best part, when you get home you can upload your day’s data onto your com­put­er and get a cool por­trait show­ing what your day was like.

Liftopia, for iPhone
Liftopia does offer local snow and ski reports, so you can check out the clos­est pow­der. But its best use comes from the lift tick­et dis­count find­er. Browse the updat­ed selec­tion of deals from your favorite mountain’s tick­et win­dows. Find that great deal and sud­den­ly that dream run of yours, or that week­end vaca­tion, just became a lit­tle bit less expensive.

Real­S­ki, for iPhone
With over 100 North Amer­i­can Moun­tains in its data­base, the Real­S­ki app is free, but the moun­tains are not. For just 0.99 cents, down­load your local moun­tain and use the aug­ment­ed real­i­ty of your iPhone to nav­i­gate your­self down the moun­tain. With the abil­i­ty to geo-tag objects like your parked car or pow­der-stash­es; this app could be the first step in know­ing the moun­tain like the back of your hand.

Ski & Snow Report, for iPhone and Android
A great place to start, the Ski and Snow Report app tracks your loca­tion and dis­plays ski and snow reports in the sur­round­ing moun­tains. Free for both users, this app is great for the info; fresh snow, snow base, lifts open & lifts closed, trail maps, and moun­tain web­cams. And it’s a quick ref­er­ence for decid­ing how many lay­ers to wear or for sniff­ing out pow­der stashes.

Waze, for iPhone and Android
Some­times the hard­est part of your day is just get­ting to the moun­tain. Use Waze if you’re vis­it­ing a major slope-sta­tion and check out real-time updates of the best dri­ving routes. Notices like pass con­di­tions, con­ges­tion, and acci­dent reports will get you tak­ing the most effec­tive route to favorite moun­tain attrac­tions. And with a gas sta­tion com­par­i­son, Waze will get you buy­ing the cheap­est gas as well.

AlpineRe­play, for iPhone and Android
For the most com­pre­hen­sive set of stats about your ski day, turn to AlpineRe­play. This app for both sys­tems tracks not only your speed, ver­ti­cal drop, and total dis­tance, but you can also check out calo­ries burnt, air­time, and time spent on the lifts. A great way to break down your day and record the progress you make all sea­son long.

Peaks & Peaks.AR, for iPhone and Android
One ques­tion com­mon­ly heard atop the ski lift is “what peak is that over there?” And now, if the wind gusts aren’t too heavy, a smart phone can answer that. Just point your cam­era in the direc­tion of your mys­te­ri­ous peaks, open either the Peaks or Peaks.AR app and see for your­self. With detailed list­ings of every­thing that peaks, this app will get you know­ing the land­scape you see before you.

EpicMix, for iPhone and Android
A social app for some of the biggest resorts in the west (Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Key­stone, +6 more), this app allows you to find friends, share moun­tain sta­tus­es, and track your ver­ti­cal dis­tance. Earn pins along the way denot­ing you as king/queen of the moun­tain, and gain all the pro­fes­sion­al pic­tures tak­en of you after your vis­it to the resort. Get your free account today.

Kinomap Mak­er, for Android
If you enjoy geo­caching, or the idea of leav­ing lit­tle presents hid­den on a map; the Kinomap Mak­er is per­fect for you. This app allows you to record video at spe­cif­ic geo­graph­ic loca­tions, and using your phone’s GPS, store the video at that par­tic­u­lar loca­tion. It is then thrown onto Google maps, pub­licly or pri­vate­ly, to be seen by those who trav­el there next. It’s a fun way to leave your mark with­out touch­ing a stone. Or per­haps an  effec­tive tool for an elab­o­rate scav­enger hunt…?