NRS Films’ lat­est pro­duc­tion, CASCADA, fol­lows kayak­ers Erik Boomer, Tyler Bradt, and Galen Vol­ck­hausen dur­ing five days in a Tlapoc­oy­an jun­gle in Ver­acruz, Mex­i­co. Their search for the per­fect water­fall was wrought with unre­lent­ing rain and bug attacks, but as film­mak­er Anson Fogel points out, “every­one doing pre­cise­ly what they love to do… every moment, each day is perfect.”


The Nomad fea­tures Nation­al Geo­graph­ic Adven­tur­er of the Year Erik Boomer as he explores the extreme arc­tic north, the seas and deserts of Baja, the streets of DC and the water­falls of the Northwest.

[Via: NRS Films]