Walt Whit­man first pub­lished the poem, Mir­a­cles, in July of 1855. This is before the Civ­il War, before west­ward expan­sion, and before the Amer­i­can con­gress estab­lished a Nation­al Park sys­tem; yet, Whitman’s words from anoth­er cen­tu­ry ring as true today as they did back then.

O.A.R.S. has teamed with Spo­ken­Verse to cre­ate this dra­mat­ic read­ing of Whitman’s incred­i­ble poem to cel­e­brate Nation­al Park Week. Read over scenes from some of our most famous nation­al parks like Yel­low­stone, the Tetons, and the Grand Canyon, it pro­vides a pitch-per­fect reminder that we live in an enchant­ed world. From the insects that crawl in the grass at our feet, to the birds that soar over­head, there is no end to the mir­a­cles on earth, and it is worth our while to mar­vel at the nat­ur­al world where we live.