I’ve nev­er been good with remem­ber­ing events, dates, birth­days, anniver­saries, names, faces, or any­thing except total­ly use­less infor­ma­tion like all the lines from the first “Austin Pow­ers”, the start­ing line­up of the 1986 Mets, and the discog­ra­phy of bands nobody remem­bers any­more like Soul Coughing.

Any­one? Any­one? Just me?

When I looked at the cal­en­dar a cou­ple of weeks ago and real­ized that the one-year anniver­sary of The Clymb was com­ing up, I was thrown off a lit­tle bit. It felt like we launched just a cou­ple of months ago. It kind of hit us that all the work we have been putting in was pay­ing off. (I was going to say that it forced us to take stock of our lives but that makes it sound like the web­site went out and bought an out­ra­geous sports car and start­ed dat­ing web­sites half our age.)

Any­way, what I am get­ting at is that we have had an unbe­liev­able year that wouldn’t have been pos­si­ble with­out the hard work of an extreme­ly ded­i­cat­ed team here at The Clymb, our val­ued part­ner brands, and the mem­ber com­mu­ni­ty that has grown around our site.

Our mem­bers have been absolute­ly amaz­ing and we com­plete­ly owe our growth to you. You not only have believed in our site, but also told your friends, fam­i­ly, co-work­ers, and any­one else that would lis­ten about who we are and what we do. You have been a plea­sure to inter­act with via social media, the phone, email, and in per­son. You’ve been patient and under­stand­ing when we have gone through the occa­sion­al grow­ing pain. But most of all, you have giv­en us feed­back, sup­port, and ideas to make the expe­ri­ence for our mem­bers better.

Thanks for shop­ping with us, for being our biggest advo­cates, for being easy to work with, and for sup­port­ing us. This year will be even big­ger and better.

Start­ing us off on the right foot (pun total­ly intend­ed) is an amaz­ing col­lec­tion of mul­ti-func­tion­al, water­proof, footwear for men, women and chil­dren from Teva. They make for an excel­lent tran­si­tion into fall. Mem­bers will enjoy up to 50% in this three-day event.

And we are par­tic­u­lar­ly proud to offer our mem­bers up to 60% off men and women lifestyle appar­el from Loopt­Works. They’re a grass­roots com­pa­ny based out of Port­land, OR. Their focus is on sus­tain­abil­i­ty and “clos­ing the loop” in the appar­el indus­try by using mate­ri­als that would nor­mal­ly end up in the landfill.

You can read more about their awe­some efforts here and check out the video below:

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