Ahh Spring — a time when old man win­ter slow­ly retreats back to the south­ern hemi­sphere, giv­ing life to all sorts of ani­mals, includ­ing us. Here are 10 things to look for­ward to this Spring.



















Run­ning in a t‑shirt
Yes, you can run all win­ter long and many peo­ple do. There is still some­thing spe­cial about blast­ing over your favorite trail clad in just a light t‑shirt for the first time in the spring, wind flow­ing over your arms bare to the world. Relat­ed bonus: Shirts vs. Skins.

outdoor riding

Bik­ing in shorts
Sim­i­lar to run­ning in a t‑shirt, bik­ing in bik­ing shorts ver­sus tights, pants, Wind­stop­per, Gore-Tex, fleecy appar­el real­ly does not con­test. Of course, you can ride in the cold teeth of a snowy win­ter night, but the warm embrace of a Spring breeze is just so darn pleasant.

Migrat­ing birds
Feel­ing Twit­ter­pat­ed? You’re not alone. Head to a local wildlife refuge or wilder­ness area to see birds that only pass through a cou­ple times a year. This is also a great time to enjoy the antics and songs of man birds as they do their best to impress their lady counterparts.

Peo­ple watching
A sure sign of spring in Min­neapo­lis, more reli­able than the appear­ance of the reli­able Robin, is the del­uge of stu­dents onto the Uni­ver­si­ty of Min­neso­ta mall. In cold cli­mates across the world, a sim­i­lar phe­nom­e­non will take place; peo­ple will shed their win­ter coats and emerge, bewil­dered, into the first warm and sun­ny day to loll on the grass and play Fris­bee. Enjoy!

Sum­mer Beers (and beer gardens)
Beer gar­dens and sum­mer beers high­light the chang­ing sea­sons with fresh, usu­al­ly lighter fla­vors to be savored out­doors. Check out the unique Ver­nal Men­the from Ska Brew­ing, which will be released lat­er this month.

gardenFresh Greens
Among the first veg­eta­bles that do well in any gar­den, green such as arugu­la, spinach, let­tuce, and kale thrive in the cool weath­er before summer’s bak­ing heat. Get out and plant ear­ly, even before the end of hard frosts, to take advan­tage of the best grow­ing sea­son for deli­cious, home­grown leaf vegetables.

Out­door concerts
In Den­ver, this means Red Rocks and gor­geous moun­tain venues. In oth­er towns across the city, parks and out­door the­aters will spring to life after a win­ter of hiber­na­tion. Get online and research your town’s free con­cert series now. It’s like­ly about to begin.

It doesn’t mat­ter where you live, some­thing will be bloom­ing. Some famous flow­ers include the cher­ry blos­soms in Wash­ing­ton D.C. or (lat­er) spring­time col­ors of the Rocky Moun­tains or scent of lilacs float­ing across the heart­land. This is the time of year to rel­ish the sim­ple beau­ty of nat­ur­al flow­ers doing their thing.


Kites have come a long way in a short time. From trick kites that zip and dart with the pull of a string to kitesurf­ing setups that will lift an adult high into the air, the array is real­ly mind-bog­gling. Pick a set­up for begin­ners and get kiting!

Among the sim­plest cook­ing imple­ments, the grill is also one of America’s most beloved for its sim­plic­i­ty. Fire. Cook. Eat. The grill is not only a favorite in the back­yard but a won­der­ful sym­bol of the camp­ground, where cook­ing over an open flame has been ele­vat­ed by some to a fine art. So get out there and enjoy, the fire bans of sum­mer are like­ly just around the corner.