Body Up

Body Up: Cre­at­ed for the fash­ion-mind­ed ath­lete, Body Up per­for­mance appar­el blends qual­i­ty and func­tion with style and ele­gance. Their col­lec­tions are designed in Italy and man­u­fac­tured in the U.S. Click through now!

Atlantis Weath­erGear: The offi­cial appar­el provider for the U.S. Sail­ing Team, Atlantis Weath­erGear pro­duces pre­mi­um per­for­mance appar­el for peo­ple who want to stay dry while play­ing on and around the water. Check out the selec­tion here.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Craft Cycling & Run­ning, Tri Sup­plies, Brooks Sad­dles, Fish­ing on the Fly, Plus! FREE SHIPPING with Clymb Tees!


Cred­it: Native

Wel­come back, Clym­bers. Thanks for spend­ing anoth­er hump day with us. Hope­ful­ly you’re load­ing up on some cel­e­bra­to­ry Vit­a­min C. (Read all the way to the bot­tom to find out why any­one would ever do some­thing like that.) The Clymb menu does­n’t include any­thing with Vit­a­min C but its loaded with good stuff today any­way. We’ve got expe­di­tion and dive-style watch­es from Timex, per­for­mance sun­glass­es from Native, and some real­ly sharp-look­ing Ital­ian-designed per­for­mance appar­el from Body Up.

Here’s what you’ll find in today’s event:

Timex: Altime­ter? Check. Barom­e­ter? Check. Com­pass and alarm? Check and check. Chrono­graph for log­ging a new per­son­al best? Check. A hun­dred years ago, the instru­men­ta­tion need­ed to access all this infor­ma­tion would fill a ruck­sack. The Timex WS4, designed for mod­ern-day alpine adven­tur­ers, keeps it all on your wrist. Get all the tech­nol­o­gy you’ll ever need and maybe even a lit­tle extra with the W4 and oth­er Timex Men’s and Women’s expe­di­tion and dive-style watch­es, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Native: When you call Native, Jeff Lenosky, hold­er of the World Record Bun­ny Hop (45.5 inch­es off the ground!) answers. Well, it’s a record­ing. But it’s still cool, which is what we’ve come to expect from the inno­va­tors of Native per­for­mance eye­wear. Native eye­wear is light, com­fort­able, and built tough enough to hold up through even the worst face plants. Pick up a pair today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Body Up: Designed in Italy and man­u­fac­tured in the USA, Body Up per­for­mance appar­el blends qual­i­ty and func­tion with style and ele­gance. The com­pa­ny uses the best func­tion­al threads avail­able to the mar­ket, mean­ing you’ll be more focused on how com­fort­able you are than on all the heads you’ll be turn­ing at the gym. Indulge your inner fash­ion-focused ath­lete with Wom­en’s Body Up appar­el, avail­able now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.


Ye All Be Scurvy Scoundrels: Did you know? Pirates did­n’t put limes in their rum because it made for a tasti­er cock­tail. They did it because limes con­tain vit­a­min C, which coun­ter­acts scurvy. In the past, scurvy was com­mon in sea-far­ing folk and any­one else deprived of fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles for long peri­ods of time. Real pirates did­n’t look like John­ny Depp. Most suf­fered from symp­toms of scurvy, which include pale skin, sunken eyes, loss of teeth, and bleed­ing gums. Scurvy still exists and while you prob­a­bly did­n’t know it, today is Inter­na­tion­al Scurvy Aware­ness Day. Break out the rum and limes. If your boss­es give you any guff just reply with your best “Aaaaaargh!”

Cred­it: DannyShane

Wel­come back, Clym­bers. We’ve got some awe­some new prod­ucts on the dock­et today, includ­ing Men’s green cycling appar­el from Dan­nyShane, Men’s and Wom­en’s ath­let­icwear from MPG and more. Enjoy!

Here’s a lit­tle more about the brands fea­tured in today’s event:

MPG: Imag­ine achiev­ing a dream peak in the Himalayas only to dis­cov­er that some­one has already arrived there. The per­son, fit, not even tired-look­ing, is danc­ing in celebration—and look­ing good, com­fort­able, pow­er­ful, doing it. They’ve stripped out of their out­er­wear, down to a tech­ni­cal lay­er of per­for­mance but fash­ion­able ath­let­ic wear by MPG. And they are rock­ing out. You hope to nev­er wake up but make a men­tal note that if you do, you will add some MPG to your work­out col­lec­tion. Inspired by the smooth, strong move­ments of per­form­ers such as ath­letes and dancers, MPG designs rich­ly detailed appar­el that has a tech­ni­cal edge and is unpar­al­leled in con­cep­tion and con­struc­tion. Rock out on moun­tains or in stu­dios, with MPG, the kind of appar­el that fit­ness dreams are made of, on sale now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Dan­nyShane: Whether on a long spin down a lone­some coun­try high­way or a teeth-grit­ting com­mute through down­town, it feels more nat­ur­al to make one’s way by human pow­er. So why wear any­thing but nat­ur­al and sus­tain­able mate­ri­als while rid­ing? The cycling mind­set isn’t lim­it­ed to the ride. Ped­al hard and con­sci­en­tious­ly in Dan­nyShane, mak­er of inno­v­a­tive, eco-friend­ly cycling racewear and road­wear. Dan­nyShane prod­ucts are Blue­sign® cer­ti­fied and made with rapid­ly renew­able and/or recy­cled mate­ri­als, such as 100% recy­cled nylon. Look good and feel nat­ur­al with Dan­nyShane Men’s per­for­mance cycling jer­seys, on sale today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

PLUS… There’s still time to save on adi­das, & Rhythm.

The Cow­ard Robert Ford: Did you know? Today in 1882, pop­u­lar out­law Jesse James was shot to death in Mis­souri. The cul­prit? Robert Ford, a mem­ber of James’s gang. Killing Jesse James turned out to be a huge­ly unpop­u­lar move for Ford, who became such a tar­get for harass­ment he moved to the moun­tains of Col­orado. He was mur­dered ten years lat­er while oper­at­ing a tent saloon there. His mur­der­er, Edward O’Kelley, was par­doned after 7,000 peo­ple signed a peti­tion in favor of his release.

For the past three years the La Sporti­va Moun­tain Cup series has pro­vid­ed a high qual­i­ty rac­ing expe­ri­ence for trail run­ners of all lev­els. From 10Ks to marathons, these excit­ing trail runs sup­port and build the trail run­ning com­mu­ni­ty by tak­ing place in some of the most beau­ti­ful loca­tions in North America.

This year, Green­lay­er will be spon­sor­ing the La Sporti­va team and pro­vid­ing them with their cut­ting edge per­for­mance appar­el in organ­ic and recy­cled mate­ri­als. Green­lay­er gives ath­letes a sus­tain­able option with­out com­pro­mis­ing fit or per­for­mance. For more infor­ma­tion on the La Sporti­va Moun­tain Cup 2012, click here.

And to shop Greenlayer’s race-inspired, envi­ron­men­tal­ly respon­si­ble per­for­mance appar­el on The Clymb, click here.


Also, Drag­on returns with their eye­wear for the active lifestyle. We have a selec­tion of gog­gles for men, women and chil­dren at exclu­sive mem­bers-only pricing.

You can shop both Green­lay­er appar­el and Drag­on gog­gles at our lim­it­ed-time $4.98 ship­ping or snatch up a The Clymb t‑shirt and your whole order will ship for free!

Vis­it us on Face­book today for a chance to win Clymb cred­it and tomor­row we have a very spe­cial announce­ment con­cern­ing a major Clymb milestone!

Inspired by and made for women who live in har­mo­ny with them­selves, oth­ers, and their envi­ron­ment, Lole’s active wear is per­fect­ly suit­ed to pur­sue the well-being that comes from a life of fit­ness, love of trav­el, and the appre­ci­a­tion of oth­er cultures.

And CRAFT of Swe­den pro­vides elite per­for­mance appar­el often seen on some of ath­let­ics most suc­cess­ful com­peti­tors. We’re very excit­ed to wel­come CRAFT back to The Clymb with a selec­tion of their men’s and women’s jer­seys, jack­et, suits, and more.

Don’t for­get: For a lim­it­ed time, ship unlim­it­ed items for $4.98. Of course, adding an exclu­sive The Clymb t‑shirt qual­i­fies your entire order for FREE shipping.

Today’s the last day to entire our I Wish I Was There pho­to con­test. Two lucky sub­mis­sions (one land­scape, one action shot) will win $25 to The Clymb.

We also want to know about the Lole Woman in your life. Stop by Face­book today to get the def­i­n­i­tion of a Lole Woman. If you know a Clym­ber who fits the bill, we want to know.

Also Fea­tured This Week:

Trav­el and Per­form in Com­fort — Grand Trunk and tasc

To our friends at Grand Trunk, trav­el is more than just a trip here and there — it is a lifestyle, a jour­ney that requires an appre­ci­a­tion for explor­ing new places, cul­tures, and life-chang­ing expe­ri­ences. Grand Trunk makes prod­ucts that ensure you’ll trav­el in com­fort and make mem­o­ries that last a lifetime.

And for top notch per­for­mance with­out com­pro­mis­ing com­fort, look no fur­ther than tasc (for­mer­ly thriv). With their sig­na­ture True Inno­va­tion – bam­boo per­for­mance — tech­nol­o­gy pro­vid­ing odor-free, light­weight, breath­able, mois­ture wick­ing appar­el, they more than deliv­er on their claim to being the most com­fort­able per­for­mance appar­el on the planet.

Shop Grand Trunk’s ham­mocks, trav­el bags and camp­ing acces­sories and tasc Per­for­mance appar­el at exclu­sive mem­ber prices.

We’re VERY excit­ed to announce that, for a lim­it­ed time only, ship unlim­it­ed items for just $4.98. Of course, the pur­chase of a The Clymb t‑shirt still qual­i­fies your entire order for free shipping.

Also, lat­er today we’re giv­ing away Clymb cred­it today on Face­book. Come find out how just three words about your most recent trav­els can qual­i­fy you to win.

One of the newest addi­tions to the Olympic games, triathlons test the true heart of an ath­lete. Stan­dard par­tic­i­pa­tion requires con­tes­tants to com­plete a 1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, and 10 km run. These three endurance races push the body to the lim­it. Men­tal fit­ness as well as phys­i­cal fit­ness are required to pre­vent bonk­ing; train­ing is key to the suc­cess of any ath­lete. This dri­ve to excel and go beyond dri­ves SUGOI appar­el. Inspired by ath­letes like you who push the lim­its, SUGOI is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing train­ing gear that incor­po­rates the newest tech­nol­o­gy while stay­ing fashion-forward.

With the two year Olympic triathlon qual­i­fi­ca­tion peri­od end­ing in May, the 2012 Sum­mer Olympics are just around the cor­ner. Ath­letes to watch include: Alis­tair Brown­lee (Eng­land), Emma Mof­fitt (Aus­tralia), Paula Find­ley (Cana­da), Jar­rod Shoe­mak­er (USA).


There’s nev­er a dull moment for a triath­lete. World Iron­man Dis­tance record hold­er and four-time World Cham­pi­on, Chrissie Welling­ton under­stands this bet­ter than most ath­letes. Ded­i­cat­ing the last 5 years of her life to Iron­man, Welling­ton has earned 13 vic­to­ries in 13 races! Requir­ing extreme ded­i­ca­tion and com­mit­ment, achieve­ments such as this are high­ly impres­sive. Although, Welling­ton has announced her plans for tak­ing a hia­tus in 2012, there is no ques­tions that she will con­tin­ue to inspire ath­letes worldwide.

With con­stant demands on the body, ath­letes like Welling­ton know that per­for­mance appar­el can play a piv­otal role in achiev­ing suc­cess.  There are few cloth­ing brands that under­stand this rela­tion­ship between an ath­lete and their gear. Com­pres­sion tech­nol­o­gy com­bin­ing pow­er, flex, and weight set 2XU apart from oth­er appar­el lines. A recent part­ner of the World Triathlon Cor­po­ra­tion and Iron­man, 2XU strives to con­tin­u­al­ly devel­op new tech­nol­o­gy that will take ath­letes to the next level.

The Clymb also wants to help you raise the bar for your fit­ness goals! For the next three days, log in to your Clymb account to take advan­tage of amaz­ing mem­bers-only deals on 2XU gear and SUGOI per­for­mance apparel.

It’s the time of year for giv­ing and we’re mak­ing it eas­i­er than ever to give the gift of gear to the out­door lovers on your list. Shop inno­v­a­tive and orig­i­nal gift ideas from Sier­ra Designs, Swiss Army, Show­ers Pass, Philips | O’Neill, Lone­ly Plan­et and more. You’re sure to find just the right gift at just the right price, and these items will be deliv­ered before Decem­ber 24th.

We’re also fea­tur­ing the fol­low­ing brands at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing. Please be sure to check the pro­duc­t’s descrip­tion details for esti­mat­ed deliv­ery on the below events:

Dura­bil­i­ty, qual­i­ty, crafts­man­ship. Tim­ber­land cre­ates pur­pose­ful and depend­able footwear whose style and char­ac­ter has stood the test of time. The Clymb is proud to offer GORE-TEX boots, leather clogs and more for men and women today.

Run, Ride or Tri in 2XUper­for­mance appar­el built for the world’s tough­est com­peti­tors. Shop a selec­tion for men and women at exclu­sive mem­ber pric­ing here.

Equip your­self for your next adven­ture with inno­v­a­tive car­ry­ing solu­tions includ­ing lum­bar packs, cam­era cas­es & dog packs from Moun­tain­smith.

For near­ly a cen­tu­ry, Karhu has been per­fect­ing run­ning gear that adheres to the con­cept of nat­ur­al momen­tum, achieved by their patent­ed ful­crum tech­nol­o­gy. Don’t miss this chance to save on ath­let­ic appar­el for men and women, only avail­able in the U.S. here.

And shop suits, shorts, tanks, pants, tees and footwear for men and women from Zoot, a glob­al leader in ultra high-per­for­mance appar­el & footwear.

Remem­ber: your entire order ships for free with the pur­chase of an exclu­sive The Clymb t‑shirt. And we’re avail­able to answer any order ques­tions and take sug­ges­tions on Face­book and Twitter.

With ergonom­i­cal­ly sup­port­ive design, plus essen­tial acces­sories to inspire a bet­ter run, New Bal­ance trail and road ready footwear returns to The Clymb at the exclu­sive price of up to 55% off retail. We expect this footwear to fly so get there quickly.

Also mak­ing a much-antic­i­pat­ed return, Sport Sci­ence with per­for­mance appar­el for men and women. When true tech­ni­cal per­for­mance fus­es with incred­i­ble com­fort and ver­sa­til­i­ty, smarter per­for­mance is the result. Shop our Sport Sci­ence event at up to 50% off so you can do more (or less) in style and comfort.

The week is just get­ting start­ed and we have lots of spe­cial events planned. If you have ques­tions about these or upcom­ing events, please stop by Face­book and Twit­ter to let us know.

As a chill set­tles in the air around most parts of the coun­try, we’re gear­ing up to gear you up with per­for­mance out­er­wear from Hi-Tec, a glob­al pow­er­house in sports appar­el. Shop their parkas, jack­ets, and vests for men and women at extreme­ly deep sav­ings: up to 70% off.

Start liv­ing smart with smart devices from Ore­gon Sci­en­tif­ic. They embrace inno­va­tion to pro­vide prod­ucts that pro­mote more effi­cient and pro­duc­tive liv­ing. Mem­bers of The Clymb are invit­ed to shop this exclu­sive Ore­gon Sci­en­tif­ic (heart rate mon­i­tors, altime­ters, com­pass watch­es, and more) event at up to 60% off here.


We’ve got a lot of great brands sched­uled for this week and a great way to stay updat­ed on the lat­est events is to give us a “like” on Face­book and fol­low us on Twit­ter. Some­one is avail­able to take your sug­ges­tions and ques­tions, and extend an invi­ta­tion to join The Clymb.

If you’re inter­est­ed in get­ting your whole order to ship for free, pur­chase an exclu­sive The Clymb tee — they won’t be avail­able much longer.

Today we’re fea­tur­ing back­packs and bags — includ­ing some awe­some snow­board car­ri­ers — from the peo­ple who know more than a lit­tle about snow­board­ing, Bur­ton Snowboards. 

This Bur­ton Bags event brings you the orig­i­nal­i­ty, func­tion, and high qual­i­ty you’ve come to expect from such a val­ued name in the out­door indus­try. You can shop the Bur­ton Bags event at Clymb exclu­sive pric­ing here. 

If you run, ride, or tri, then you know the impor­tance of per­for­mance appar­el that goes the dis­tance. 2XU gives you that and more ‑per­for­mance appar­el that makes you more ready and race capa­ble than ever before. Shop our 2XU event at up to 70% off retail here.

Ready for sus­tain­able footwear that’s inno­v­a­tive and trail-ready? Then you’re ready to shop Lafu­ma Footwear on The Clymb. We’ve got a selec­tion of footwear for men and women at up to 50% off. Shop Lafu­ma now.

There’s time left to shop Hyper­flex, HIGHGEAR, Aladdin, and Carve Designs. And even more time left to snatch up an exclu­sive The Clymb tee and have your entire order ship free.

Face­book and Twit­ter are good places to share sug­ges­tions, obtain order infor­ma­tion, par­tic­i­pate in fun dis­cus­sion and con­tests, snag in invite to shop The Clymb, and get updat­ed infor­ma­tion on added inven­to­ry and upcom­ing events. Stop by!

As promised, we have over ten dif­fer­ent mod­els of trail and road footwear from New Bal­ance. They’re designed to reduce foot and body strain with ergonom­i­cal­ly sup­port­ive designs. You can save up to 50% off styles for men and women here. We have a feel­ing these will go quick­ly, so you may want to get there early.

Also, save up to 60% off Green­lay­er- race inspired, envi­ron­men­tal­ly respon­si­ble per­for­mance appar­el for men and women. Shop a brand that tran­scends the com­mon expec­ta­tions of per­for­mance gear here.



There’s also time to save big on GEIGERRIG and Skull­can­dy. If you add an exclu­sive The Clymb tee to your order, the entire pur­chase ships for free!

We’re always avail­able on Face­book or Twit­ter should you have a ques­tion about an order or need an invite to shop. In the mean­time, check out this video with some pret­ty well known Out­door Ambas­sadors for New Balance.



We said we’ve have more tri events this week, and boy did we mean it.

100% focused on bring­ing the ulti­mate in per­for­mance appar­el, Zoot makes some of the high­est qual­i­ty appar­el for you to run, ride, and tri in. As a mem­ber of The Clymb you have exclu­sive access to their suits, shorts, tanks, pants, tee, and footwear at up to 60% off. Check out the Zoot debut event here.


Achieve opti­mal hydra­tion with Nuun elec­trolyte drink tabs. They’re fast dis­solv­ing, sug­ar free, and come in 11 deli­cious fla­vors, all under 8 calo­ries. Turn your water into an opti­mal­ly bal­anced elec­trolyte drink at Clymb exclu­sive pric­ing here.


I know many of you on Face­book will be pleased with this next event. You’ve only asked about this brand count­less times. We’re hap­py to deliv­er SixSixOne com­pe­ti­tion-ready hel­mets, body armor, and gloves for win­ning races, defy­ing grav­i­ty, and epic adven­tures. Shop our SixSixOne event at up to 60% off now.


You can still save on some of our events from ear­li­er in the week like SUGOI, Zeal, O’Neill, and Atmos­phere. And if you have ques­tions about an order, event, or maybe just a sug­ges­tion on a future brand, feel free to reach out on Face­book or Twit­ter.

As we head into the week­end, it seems appro­pri­ate to fea­ture a brand that pro­motes a life of liv­ing out­doors. For those who tru­ly love doing so, we know that a change in weath­er just means a change in how we play out­doors — it does­n’t keep us inside.

So, we invite you to show our exclu­sive KAVU event. Save up to 60% on their com­fort­able, high­ly-func­tion­al appar­el and styl­ish eye­wear for men and women.

And there’s still time to shop our Body Up, Mer­rell, Klymit and SPY events. If you have ques­tions about an order, event, or need an invite to shop, swing by Face­book or Twit­ter. We’re always available.

Have an awe­some week­end, members!

Inspired by the body in motion — specif­i­cal­ly, the strong, flu­id move­ments of dancers and ath­letes — MPG has man­aged to fuse the need for per­for­mance, func­tion, and fash­ion into active wear that pro­vide both style and com­fort. Clymb mem­bers can shop MPG’s shorts, pants, tees, and tanks for men and women at up to 55% off here.

Maria Chap­man — Prin­ci­pal, Pacif­ic North­west Bal­let — (Cour­tesy of MPG)

PROBAR pro­vides healthy, tasty, plant-based snack bars for bod­ies on the go. If you’re look­ing for a con­ve­nient way to keep your body fueled with all-nat­ur­al, whole­some ingre­di­ents, look no fur­ther. Check out the deli­cious fla­vors in their Fruition line — and more — at up to 55% off now.

Moun­tain climber Aron Ral­ston (Pho­to cour­tesy of PROBAR)

PROBAR once again took home top hon­ors with its new HALO Bar prod­uct launch at the 2011 Expo West, the world’s largest nat­ur­al foods and prod­ucts con­ven­tion. Watch the video below to see why, and then check out their HALO S’mores bar in our event and taste for yourself!

Come vis­it us on Face­book and Twit­ter for fun con­tests and triv­ia, infor­ma­tion on these and oth­er (includ­ing upcom­ing) events, and invi­ta­tions to shop The Clymb.

It’s Fri­day, Fri­day, Fri­day… (Good. I should­n’t be the only one with that song stuck in my head today. You’re welcome.)

But it is Fri­day and while we’re all anx­ious to start the week­end, we have the not so lit­tle mat­ter of three great events to tell you about first.

Hydra­pak pro­vides easy-to-use, high­ly-func­tion­al hydra­tion sys­tems for any activ­i­ty. Whether you’re a run­ner, cyclist, ski­er or pad­dler, they’ve got you cov­ered (and hydrat­ed). Shop our Hydra­pak event at up to 60% off here.

No poly­ester stink. No poly­ester chafe. Made from vis­cose and organ­ic cot­ton, Thriv Nat­ur­al Per­for­mance appar­el allows you to expe­ri­ence the evo­lu­tion of per­for­mance appar­el in style and extreme com­fort. Ladies, shop our Thriv event at up to 60% off.

For UVEX, a cul­ture of safe­ty is more than just buzz words. It’s a prac­tice they’re com­mit­ted to that flows into their pro­tec­tive eye­wear. And it does­n’t hurt that their eye­wear makes you look fab­u­lous in the process. Shop UVEX eye­wear for men and women at up to 50% off now.

And even on Fri­days (and Sat­ur­day, Sun­day, too) some­one is avail­able on Face­book or Twit­ter should you have ques­tions about these or oth­er events. Stop by, don’t be shy. We’ve even been known to hand out an invi­ta­tion if you’re in need.