Cred­it: Vestal


Hap­py Tues­day, Clym­bers. Hope­ful­ly your mood this week is a lit­tle less gloomy than the Port­land skies have been after this past gor­geous, teas­ing week­end. The sun is try­ing to push back through though and we’re opti­mistic that once it wins out again it will be here to stay. Wish us luck! In the mean­time, we’ve got some great lifestyle appar­el and audio equip­ment on the dock­et to help get you through your next rainy day. Find bliss through the bleak-sky blues while wear­ing a com­fort­able hoody from Impe­r­i­al Motion and rock­ing out with a pair of Skull­can­dy head­phones. Or shake your fist at the weath­er in total defi­ance while wear­ing a pair of sun­glass­es and a sweet new watch by Vestal.

Here’s some more about today’s events:

Vestal: Vestal designs watch­es, eye­wear, soft­goods, and acces­sories that fine-tune style and expres­sion for the musi­cal­ly inspired indi­vid­ual. Go from break­ing trail to cut­ting rug with Vestal watch­es, hats, sun­glass­es, and belts, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Skull­can­dy: Estab­lished in 2003, Skull­can­dy makes award-win­ning audio equip­ment for Skate, Surf, Snow, Ski, and BMX ath­letes of all lev­els, and musi­cians and DJs the world over. Ride the sound­waves with Skull­can­dy head­phones, ear­buds, Pipe portable speak­er sys­tems, and (because why not?) hood­ies, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Impe­r­i­al Motion: Found­ed in Taco­ma, WA, in 2002 by three teenage friends with lit­tle more than a hand­ful of cred­it cards and a dream, Impe­r­i­al Motion has grown into a suc­cess­ful lifestyle brand that cel­e­brates the under­dog in us all. Embrace your inner under­dog with Impe­r­i­al Motion tees, board­shorts, pants, hood­ies, & more, avail­able now at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

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Rasp­ber­ry Mon­key Brain: Did you know? We’re excit­ed to have Skull­can­dy on the menu today at The Clymb but the orig­i­nal skull can­dy is of course brains. Deli­cious, deli­cious brains. But unless you’re a zom­bie, you have to actu­al­ly pre­pare the dish. Remem­ber that scene in Indi­ana Jones and the Tem­ple of Doom where Indy and com­pa­ny are served chilled mon­key brains in bowls made from the ani­mals’ decap­i­tat­ed heads? Accord­ing to Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D., in his book, They Eat That? A cul­tur­al Ency­clo­pe­dia of Weird and Exot­ic Food from Around the World, eat­ing mon­key brains straight from the skull like that is based pure­ly on leg­end and if done in actu­al­i­ty could result in seri­ous health risks. Brain requires more for prepa­ra­tion than a saw and a spoon. For one, it needs to be cleaned before being ingest­ed. Deutsch rec­om­mends bathing the meat three times: first in cold water with a small amount of vine­gar, sec­ond in a cold water bath and third with salt­wa­ter. The cast of Tem­ple of Doom of course did­n’t have to stom­ach any actu­al pri­mate tis­sue when tak­ing a taste. Prop­mas­ters used cus­tard and rasp­ber­ry sauce to make their dish.