This incred­i­ble trail­er hits you like a face-full of fresh pow­der. With “VALHALLA,” Sweet­grass Pro­duc­tion Com­pa­ny dares to break new ground with­in the ski and snow­board video indus­try. Beau­ti­ful imagery and nar­ra­tion col­lide along­side amaz­ing footage of huge big-moun­tain rid­ing on remote peaks in Alas­ka and British Columbia.

Like a shaman on a vision quest, you’ll see things you nev­er thought pos­si­ble. So shat­ter your view of real­i­ty on what an action sports video can be and take a cos­mic ride through the back­coun­try of your mind. 

VALHALLA pre­miers Sep­tem­ber 13th, 2013 at the Para­mount The­ater in Den­ver, CO 

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Snowboarders in Yellowstone

This past March sev­er­al friends from Boze­man, Mon­tana trav­eled out to Cooke City, Mon­tana to explore the back­coun­try ter­rain. For any­one with a thirst for nip­ple-deep pow­der, it’s the place to be.

Six­ty miles from the near­est town, Cooke City is on the bor­der of Yel­low­stone Nation­al Park, and from the looks of it, it offers the back­coun­try expe­ri­ence of your dreams.

Check out this video of Todd Kir­by, Mark Rain­ery, Ian Dodds, Nathaniel Mur­phy, and Shane Stalling shred­ding the Mon­tana back­coun­try. Over the course of two trips, and four days, video­g­ra­ph­er Eli Wein­er cap­tured the rid­ers send­ing back­coun­try boot­ers, boun­cy pil­lows, and gnarly lines.

It does­n’t get any bet­ter than this.

When snow begins to fall, many peo­ple view this as an annoy­ance. Pret­ty to look at, yes, but some­thing that will cause elon­gat­ed com­mut­ing times and headaches all around. For snow­board­ers, how­ev­er, snow turns our world into a play­ground. It makes it so that every­thing becomes an option to ride, a blank can­vas if you will.

This is how the Japan Jour­nals crew describes the land­scape they found through­out their 2013 road trip across Japan. The gang trav­eled through­out the coun­try, end­ing the series with episode four here, in the north­ern­most tip of Japan.

High­lights of episode four include dou­ble corks, plen­ty of pow slash­es, and even a polar plunge!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the last episode of the Japan Jour­nals brought to you by Can­dy Grind and Rhythm Snowboards.