valentines date outdoors

valentines date outdoorsValentine’s Day. Most peo­ple go for the tra­di­tion­al plan of choco­lates, ros­es and a meal at a local restaurant—but what if you want to do some­thing a lit­tle more exciting?

If you and your part­ner love the out­doors, you can mix things up this Valentine’s Day with an active out­doors date. Here are five roman­tic out­doors Valentine’s Day plans that will suit any­one, no mat­ter where you live or what your bud­get is.

Sun­set (Or Moon­lit) Hike
If you and your part­ner love hik­ing, sur­prise them by tak­ing them on a roman­tic hike as the sun sets. Make sure that you check the time of the sun­set before you set off so that you don’t miss it, and plan a hik­ing route that has a won­der­ful view of the sun­set. You could also plan a moon­lit hike if you know that you will have a good view of the moon. Moun­tains, hills, and beach­es are all great des­ti­na­tions, but forests should be avoid­ed as it is unlike­ly that you will be able to see the sky!

Make sure to pack a ther­mos of hot choco­late to share so that you don’t get cold. It is like­ly that it gets cold­er as the sun goes down, so you should also make sure that you and your part­ner pack wind and water-resis­tant coats.

Out­doors Din­ner Date
Tell your part­ner that you are tak­ing them out for a sur­prise din­ner date, and take them to a scenic loca­tion where you can stay for a few hours. Good options include the top of a hill, a clear­ing in the woods, next to a lake, or on the beach. Bring some can­dles, a blan­ket to sit on and a pic­nic bas­ket of pre-pre­pared food. It’s also use­ful to bring torch­es or head­lamps if you think that it will be dark when you head back.

Impress your date with a night under the stars. You can spend the night stargaz­ing, drink­ing wine, and cud­dling under a warm blan­ket. This date may require a bit of trav­el­ing; if you live in the city you will want to head out to a more remote area with less light pol­lu­tion. Make sure that you check the weath­er in the area, too, as a cloudy sky will ruin your plans! You can check web­sites for night-time vis­i­bil­i­ty lev­els to make sure that your night goes perfectly.

Ice Skat­ing
Ice Skat­ing is always a fun way to spend an evening, and it is an active and afford­able date. Look online for ice rinks in your area and see if any are hold­ing spe­cial events for Valentine’s Day; some ice rinks host fire­work dis­plays or offer free hot drinks. Make sure to book tick­ets in advance, as it is like­ly that they will sell out quickly!

Take An Active Class Together
Con­sid­er tak­ing a fun, active class with your part­ner this Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to bond with your part­ner while you both learn some­thing new. Class­es such as rock climb­ing or sal­sa are lots of fun, and you may even end up com­ing back every week togeth­er. If you book a class, make sure to check if there is a dress code—you may be able to go to sal­sa in a dress, but it prob­a­bly wouldn’t be a good option for a rock climb­ing class!