In ear­ly May, Nadine Horn is going to embark on what some would call a crazy jour­ney across the Unit­ed King­dom. Horn will run 1000 miles in 7 weeks bare­foot. Well, not com­plete­ly bare­foot. She will have the pro­tec­tion of her trusty bare­foot run­ning shoes.  Hooked on adven­ture and the chal­lenge of a new train­ing goal, Nadine has made some extra­or­di­nary jour­neys. Her adven­tures span from cycling 4000 kilo­me­ters around Spain to a 3‑border triathlon. On this run she is plan­ning to spread the ben­e­fits of run­ning and bare­foot run­ning across the Unit­ed King­dom. She also aims to inspire oth­ers to seek their own great adventure.

Via [Run UK – 1000miles ‘Bare­foot’]