We hope every­one had a Mer­ry Christ­mas and that you are slow­ly pulling out of food coma. I learned that appar­ent­ly you CAN eat too many cookies.

This week our brand event is Mer­rell Appar­el we have an amaz­ing selec­tion that is up to 65% off retail price. The event begins at 9am PST today runs through the 31st at 9am PST. Remem­ber that all our brand events are mem­bers only, if you need a mem­ber­ship you can get one by con­tact­ing us on Face­book or Twit­ter.

Also I believe after the New Year we are going to be mov­ing back to the brand events kick­ing off on Wednes­day. (Although my idea was to rotate the days and the time to keep you guess­ing. I quick­ly was vot­ed down… Hey I thought it would be fun.)

We found this excel­lent video Mer­rell put togeth­er for a trade show and to run in some dif­fer­ent stores which we think shows off the dif­fer­ent out­door sports they support.

Remem­ber we have the guest blog­ger pro­gram that we intro­duced last week, please sub­mit pic­tures, videos, and oth­er trip infor­ma­tion. We should start run­ning some of the dif­fer­ent sto­ries peo­ple have sent us after the start of the year.