Long, lean, mus­cles on tanned hard bod­ies set against the back­drop of some epic rock. Climbers, by the very nature of their sport, can’t help but exude sex­i­ness since being in peak phys­i­cal con­di­tion is para­mount for those wicked boul­der­ing prob­lems, mul­ti-pitch adven­tures, and send­ing that nev­er-before-climbed badass route. To pay my respects to these climbers for their hard work and chis­eled physiques, I cre­at­ed this list of the Top 8 Hottest Climbers in the Sport. 

Sasha DiGu­ilan
This blonde haired, blue-eyed, doll is the World Rank­ing Leader for Female Out­door Sport Climb­ing and the reign­ing US Nation­al Cham­pi­on. At 20 years old, she seems to just be get­ting start­ed in her sport.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/sashadigiulian

Chris Shar­ma
This climber needs lit­tle, if any, intro­duc­tion. Wide­ly hailed as one of the best rock-climbers to ever tack­le the sport, Chris Shar­ma is spon­sored to do what he loves by the likes of Evolv, Pet­zel, and prAna. Known for being an extreme­ly calm and kind guy, Chris’s love for his sport shines through with every inter­view and, more impor­tant­ly, every climb.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/pages/chris-Sharma/17443589093

Dalia Oje­da
Recent­ly fea­tured in the “Body” issue of ESPN, this Span­ish beau­ti­ful is not mere­ly a pret­ty face. Spon­sored by prAna and Pet­zel, this seri­ous climber uses her sport to teach oth­ers to respect and love nature.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/eravella.camp/

Dave Gra­ham
A res­i­dent of climb­ing mec­ca, Boul­der, Col­orado, Dave is not only a kick­ass climber but an activist for the sport, tak­ing a strong stance on grade-infla­tion and speak­ing out against chipping.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/pages/Dave-Graham/291720792125

Daniel Woods
This boul­der­ing badass put up Rocky Moun­tain National’s Jade before he reached the age of 18 and is cur­rent­ly the reign­ing SCS Nation­al Champion.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/dawoods89

Stephanie Forte
This love­ly lady hap­pens to be in her 40s and proves that hot­ness has no age lim­it. She eats 5. 13s for break­fast and has writ­ten for Climb­ing Magazine.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/stephnforte/

Tom­my Cald­well
In his reper­toire of impres­sive climb­ing firsts, Cald­well threw up first ascents of Colorado’s Kryp­tonite and Lex Luthor. This hand­some, nerves-of-steel, climber lives life on the edge and climbs with the likes of Alex Honnold.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/pages/Tommy-Caldwell/180070212030430

Steph Davis
This base-jump­ing beau­ty is the first woman to free climb the Salathe’s Wall of El Cap and has free soloed Longs Peak’s for­mi­da­ble rock­face, The Dia­mond. Her hard body isn’t the only thing that makes her hot, how­ev­er; she’s also an avid blog­ger and writer, prov­ing that brains are sexy too.

Pho­to Source: facebook.com/stephdavisclimb

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