Any­one with an inter­est in action sports movies has like­ly seen, or at least heard of, the envi­ron­men­tal­ly-focused cin­e­mat­ic mas­ter­piece, “All I Can”. If you have not, then do your­self a favor and view the intro here:

Life Is Born (from All.I.Can) from Sher­pas Cin­e­ma on Vimeo.

Well, the Sher­pas are back at it again.  This time, the focus is to go “Into the Mind” of the action sports ath­lete. The syn­op­sis sets the stage for fur­ther curiosity:

Blur the lines between dream state and real­i­ty, as you per­ceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind con­tem­plates the expe­ri­ences passed between men­tors and peers to paint a philo­soph­i­cal por­trait of human kind. What dri­ves us to over­come chal­lenge? How do we jus­ti­fy risk? What forces are at the core of a moun­tain addic­tion? Unique ath­lete seg­ments over a mul­ti­tude of moun­tain sport gen­res, depict the con­nec­tiv­i­ty of Earth and win­dow into nev­er seen before moments. Explore how we begin our per­cep­tion of self, con­struct the foun­da­tions of con­fi­dence, and are ulti­mate­ly led to the path of self-actualization.

The words spark curios­i­ty, but per­haps it is bet­ter to let the footage speak for itself.  Here is a teas­er that came out recent­ly.  Keep in mind there are still sev­er­al months of film­ing and edit­ing ahead, this is just what was lay­ing around from the pre­vi­ous year:


And there is much more to come.  The past week, the Sher­pas have been film­ing in Whistler, BC, for an in-bounds seg­ment for the upcom­ing film. Most of the mechan­ics of the sequence are kept under wraps. But what I can tell you is what every­one else on the ski resort saw — there are dozens of tal­ent­ed ath­letes in this shoot, and they are all send­ing it big in front of many excit­ed onlook­ers. Some of the sequences fea­ture a mob of skiers and snow­board­ers nav­i­gat­ing 55 degree hard­pack and moguls — up to 50 peo­ple at a time!

A day out with the Sher­pas is much dif­fer­ent than your aver­age film pro­duc­tion, or for that mat­ter, any oth­er ski/snowboard film crew. Per­haps it’s in the sub­tle con­fi­dence that what is being shot is artis­tic, ground break­ing, and fun. Every­one is relaxed for the most part, with the excep­tion of a few stress­ful points. Con­trast that to a reg­u­lar film shoot when every sec­ond of every day is stress­ful, and this is a great relief.

The ath­letes must adjust their rou­tine from going hard and shred­ding con­stant­ly to one of patience and pre­ci­sion as they must wait for the cam­eras to be set up. The pre­ci­sion must come from the fact that this is a syn­chro­nized effort that relies on mul­ti­ple peo­ple in the same shot.

Not to men­tion that this whole shoot has been tak­ing place dur­ing some of the dri­est Feb­ru­ary (and Jan­u­ary, too) con­di­tions on Whistler/Blackcomb in a long time. This means fast, hard, chat­tery snow that does not feel very good when you fall. But these skiers are the best in the game, and so far, all the shots have gone off with­out a sin­gle hitch.

“Into the Mind” comes out in Sep­tem­ber. You will not want to miss this. In fact, it will be extreme­ly hard to miss it after every­one is talk­ing about it and shar­ing their thoughts online.