A Desert Life cel­e­brates Alf Ran­dell, who spends his win­ters climb­ing sand­stone split­ter cracks in the Utah desert. I first met Alf in the sum­mer of 2003, at a climb­ing area in Wyoming called Wild Iris. He re-soled my climb­ing shoes and we spent a few mem­o­rable days pulling on lime­stone pock­ets. A dirt­bag climber in the true sense of the word, Alf has ded­i­cat­ed him­self to a sim­ple lifestyle for the major­i­ty of his life. If you have ever thought of quit­ting your job, sell­ing every­thing you own, and mov­ing to the mid­dle of nowhere, well, this video just might push you over the edge. Enjoy!

[Via: Austin Siadak]