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Fresh on the menu today:

VonZip­per: Get a glimpse of the good life through VonZip­per gog­gles. Since 1999, this fast grow­ing So-Cal com­pa­ny has become a hall­mark of the inde­pen­dent lifestyle. Spon­sor­ing ath­letes and artists, they’ve made their mark by sup­port­ing those who push cre­ative bound­aries. This spir­it comes through in their gog­gles. We have a range of styles to match your mind­set: the Fish­bowl, Sky Lab, and more. Take a look at this opti­mum col­lec­tion, and see the slopes through a cre­ative lens.


Seat­tle Sports: Seat­tle Sports hand-selects the high­est qual­i­ty mate­ri­als to pro­duce light­weight, rugged per­for­mance acces­sories. Its founders were the first to com­mer­cial­ly man­u­fac­ture dry bags, and the first to intro­duce round bot­tom welds instead of glued seams. They were the first to make dry bags out of light­weight vinyl instead of Hypalon. And the com­pa­ny pio­neered radio-fre­quen­cy seam weld­ing of dry bags, a pre­mi­um water­proof­ing tech­nique in which radio fre­quen­cy waves are shot through mate­ri­als to elec­tron­i­cal­ly excite mol­e­cules and sub­se­quent­ly bond the mate­ri­als togeth­er. Now they’re using this tech­nol­o­gy to make water­proof cas­es and bags for our urban tools as well. We hope you enjoy our col­lec­tion of inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts by this game-chang­ing brand.


Fall­en: Fall­en shoes were built for one sim­ple thing: skate­board­ing. A prod­uct of the streets and skate com­mu­ni­ties across the world, Fall­en has quick­ly become the shoe of choice for real skaters, the kids and pros that are pound­ing the pave­ment every day just to expand their bags of tricks. Found­ed by pro skater Jamie Thomas in 2003, Fall­en Footwear has quick­ly become one of the most respect­ed skate brands in the indus­try. Designed, test­ed, and destroyed by their team to ensure qual­i­ty and dura­bil­i­ty, Fall­en footwear is known for cre­at­ing shoes that have the looks, but they are, above all else, com­plete­ly skate­able. And with a team of rid­ers like Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, Bil­ly Marks, Josh Har­mo­ny, Tom­my San­doval, Tony Cer­vantes, James Hardy, and Bri­an Hansen, you’d expect noth­ing else. They’re the movers and shak­ers that are inspir­ing the up-and-com­ers, each leav­ing their mark on the indus­try with their bold and inno­v­a­tive style as well as their sig­na­ture Fall­en shoes. Click through now!



Inter­galac­tic Fire­works: Did you know?

August 12 (that’s today!) is the peak of the Per­sieds Mete­or Show­er. Grab a blan­ket and dis­tance your­self from the city lights to watch these inter­galac­tic fire­works. Comet watch­ing prime­time is in the pre-dawn hours when near­ly 60 comets streak across the sky per hour. All the comets in the Per­sei­ds are like shrap­nel com­ing off the boss comet, called Swift-Tut­tle, trav­el­ing on a 130-year orbit. Folks have been watch­ing this phe­nom­e­non for over 2,000 years.

Alps Moun­taineer­ing


Mem­bers, click through for insid­er pric­ing on dai­ly deals.

Fresh on the menu today:

ALPS Moun­taineer­ing: Great gear does­n’t have to break the bank, which is why ALPS Moun­taineer­ing designs durable, qual­i­ty prod­ucts at afford­able prices. You would­n’t take the Clear­wa­ter sleep­ing bag up Mount Ever­est. But it’ll per­form like a dream on your week­end back­pack­ing trips in the Cas­cades. Fea­tur­ing tents, camp chairs, back­packs, and more. 

Ahnu: When the founders of Ahnu set out to cre­ate envi­ron­men­tal­ly con­scious per­for­mance footwear that would make the out­doors more acces­si­ble and “a lit­tle less agro,” they found inspi­ra­tion and a name­sake in a help­ful deity of yore: Anu, the Celtic god­dess of the bal­ance between well­be­ing and pros­per­i­ty. Ahnu does its patron proud by bal­anc­ing fit­ness and fash­ion, per­for­mance and aes­thet­ics, prof­it and phil­an­thropy. Pros­per and be well with Women’s boots and san­dals, avail­able today at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.

Good­hew Socks: Com­mit­ted to mak­ing its prod­ucts in the USA, Good­hew Socks spins fresh design, nat­ur­al per­for­mance yarns, and the her­itage of Amer­i­can crafts­man­ship into each pair of its per­for­mance socks. It’s like wear­ing bald eagles on your feet, only with­out the sharp beaks. And the bald eagles are paint­ed in bright col­ors. Click through now to check out this col­or­ful col­lec­tion of the patri­ot­ic brand’s per­for­mance socks.

Drop In: Skate Shoes: Rid­dle: What hits the streets but does­n’t get hurt, loves pools but not for swim­ming, scouts gaps but isn’t an explor­er, bombs hills but isn’t a ter­ror­ist, descends stairs all of them at a time, and rides rails but isn’t a hobo? Yeah, you know what it is. Gear up for doing what it does with some new kicks designed specif­i­cal­ly to take the kind of shoe-abuse it rev­els in dish­ing out. Fea­tur­ing Isis, DVS, Gravis, and more.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Ele­ment Footwear & Women’s Appar­el, News­stand: Trail Run­ner, Ski­ing, Transworld Snow­board­ing, & More!

Today we’re fea­tur­ing Nathan hydra­tion sys­tems includ­ing race belts and vests, blad­der packs, hand­helds, run­ner’s packs, bot­tles, reflec­tive vests and acces­sories that con­tin­ue to help ath­letes of all lev­els rede­fine what is human­ly pos­si­ble. Save up to 55% now.

Pho­to cour­tesy of

Mem­bers can also shop a selec­tion of men’s footwear from DVS Shoes — footwear with authen­tic roots in the skate, snow, and surf cul­ture. Save up to 60% off here.

Final­ly, our Sher­pani event show­cas­es wom­en’s pack and bags with bold designs and extreme func­tion­al­i­ty. Shop these lifestyle bags at up to 50% off.

There are still deals to be had in yes­ter­day’s events fea­tur­ing Dan­nyShane, Cytomax, Nikwax, and Samp­son.

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As we head into this hol­i­day week­end, we’re excit­ed at the oppor­tu­ni­ty to spend time out­doors, get­ting an extra day of rest, relax­ation, or adven­ture (or all three), and the chance to share some new brands with you.

No frills, no filler, just the clas­sic style of VOX. You can ride in style with their clas­sic footwear at up to 55% off. Shop the selec­tion of men and kids styles here.

And as we men­tioned yes­ter­day on Face­book, we’re pre­sent­ing camp­ing pads, bike bags and oth­er out­door acces­sories from Pacif­ic Out­door Equip­ment. Today we can tell you this field-test­ed, spe­cial­ized gear can be yours for up to 60% off. Shop our POE event here.

You can still save on Teva footwear, Native eye­wear, Loopt­works upcy­cled appar­el, and San­ta Cruz Surf­boards.

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