Ski­ing an extreme line is one thing. BASE-jump­ing is anoth­er. Com­bin­ing the two to race an avalanche over a cliff, well, that’s anoth­er thing all together.

Watch as Port­land-based friend-of-the-The Clymb Matthias Giraud and Ste­fan Laude try to out­run an avalanche in the French Alps. This is beyond extreme ski­ing, beyond dare­dev­il­ry: This is push­ing the lim­its of life and death.

Giraud, known as the Super Frenchie, is spon­sored by Cushe and GoPro, among many oth­er brands, and has com­plet­ed many suc­cess­ful big moun­tain ski BASE-jumps, but this leap is per­haps the most adren­a­line-soaked stunt in his death-defy­ing resume.

Don’t try this at home.