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sleeping bagBuy­ing a sleep­ing bag can seem over­whelm­ing, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re pick­ing the right bag for your next adven­ture, the first deci­sion is sim­ple: whether to buy down or synthetic.

How to Choose Your Insulation
There are two pri­ma­ry kinds of insu­la­tion: down (usu­al­ly made from a duck or goose’s plumage, or under­feath­ers) and syn­thet­ic fibers. Down is light­weight, breath­able, easy to com­press, and excels in cold, dry con­di­tions. Once down gets wet, how­ev­er, it pro­vides almost zero warmth and can take a very long time to dry—which can be a lia­bil­i­ty if you’re plan­ning a trip where wet weath­er is a con­cern. Syn­thet­ic insu­la­tion insu­lates when wet, dries very quick­ly, is hypoal­ler­genic, and is often cheap­er. But it’s also heav­ier, less durable, and bulkier.

Under­stand­ing Down
When you’re look­ing at down bags, the first step is to under­stand the con­cept of fill pow­er. You’ve prob­a­bly seen it on prod­uct labels: 700-fill down, 800-fill down, etc. But do you know what those num­bers actu­al­ly mean?

There’s a com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that fill pow­er is the amount of down in a bag, but it’s actu­al­ly a ref­er­ence to the loft or fluffiness—and there­fore the quality—of the down that is used as insu­la­tion in the sleep­ing bag or anoth­er gar­ment. If you take one ounce of 700-fill down, it will hypo­thet­i­cal­ly take up 700 cubic inch­es; one ounce of 800-fill down will take up 800 cubic inch­es, etc. High­er-grade down (which is usu­al­ly made from more mature birds) is more expen­sive, but it will trap more air next to your body—and the bet­ter your bag’s warmth-to-weight ratio will be.

Under­stand­ing Synthetics
Syn­thet­ic insu­la­tion is usu­al­ly made of poly­ester. Most bags use one of two tech­nolo­gies: short-sta­ple fills or con­tin­u­ous-fil­a­ment fills.

Short-sta­ple fills use short strands of thin fil­a­ments that are dense­ly packed, which makes sleep­ing bags flex­i­ble, soft, and compressible—though not quite as com­press­ible as a down bag of sim­i­lar warmth. Con­tin­u­ous-fil­a­ment insu­la­tion uses longer, thick­er fil­a­ments that are less com­press­ible than short-sta­ple insu­la­tion, but more durable. All syn­thet­ic bags dry rel­a­tive­ly quick­ly, and most are sig­nif­i­cant­ly less expen­sive than down. Most impor­tant­ly, they’ll still insu­late when wet.

Decid­ing Factors
Most peo­ple know that down is ide­al in cold, dry cli­mates, where syn­thet­ic insu­la­tion per­forms bet­ter in wet envi­ron­ments. But there are oth­er con­sid­er­a­tions, too. Down is com­press­ible, where syn­thet­ics are usu­al­ly bulki­er. Down is more breath­able, but syn­thet­ic sleep­ing bags are eas­i­er to wash. And weight is a huge fac­tor: if you’re plan­ning a through-hike of the PCT, those extra ounces mat­ter much more than if you’re car camping.

For more help, ask an expert—and remem­ber, no mat­ter what kind of insu­la­tion you choose, always store your sleep­ing bags uncom­pressed, which main­tains loft and warmth.

lafuma-30-degree-featuredWhen you scram­ble up Mt. Whit­ney dur­ing the day and sleep in the High Sier­ra at night you want a sleep­ing bag that can han­dle it all. From the night dew to the freez­ing temps of a star-filled sky, this 30-degree syn­thet­ic sleep­ing bag from Lafu­ma is designed for sum­mer trekking.

The light­weight Maxi Loft syn­thet­ic fibers will keep you warm no mat­ter the con­di­tions. Unlike down feath­ers, this insu­la­tion retains warmth when soak­ing wet. So you can be more cav­a­lier in your deci­sions to sleep out on a star­ry night because the water repel­lent exte­ri­or will shed frost or rain. Final­ly, a com­plete nights sleep in the alpine before you trek on up to the peaks. 

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Two weeks ago, we were excit­ed when the VG Crew released an ear­ly teas­er trail­er of their upcom­ing 2012 pro­duc­tion, The Dark Side. It fea­tures the slick moves of some of the best snow­board­ers around. It got even bet­ter when we learned that one of the spon­sors of the film is CELSIUS snowboards.

It makes per­fect sense when you con­sid­er CELSIUS’ own snow­board­ing team fea­tures the likes of Bar­ry Hart­man, Bil­lie Mack­ey, Derek Den­ni­son, and more. Whether you’re get­ting after it at the local park, the back­coun­try, or city streets, CELSIUS is com­mit­ted to giv­ing you what you need. Slip into a pair of their boots, high on sub­stance and style here. 

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Final­ly, we asked our Face­book fans what was the FIRST thing they looked for when shop­ping per­for­mance eye­wear. The major­i­ty chose a durable frame that can with­stand their human-pow­ered adven­tures. Of course, we want you to have it all: dura­bil­i­ty, great styles, inno­v­a­tive lens­es, and light­weight com­fort. That’s why we’re fea­tur­ing a spe­cial Per­for­mance Eye­wear event fea­tur­ing O’Neill, Kaenon, Native, Zeal, and more!

Cred­it: Kaenon Eyewear

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If there’s any­one who knows about sleep­ing under the stars, it’s the out­door sleep experts, Slum­ber­jack. Mem­bers of The Clymb will receive exclu­sive pric­ing on their durable, yet com­fort­able, sleep­ing bags and tents start­ing today at 9am PST.

And make sure you vote on our top Sleep­ing Under the Stars adven­tures shared on Face­book. The win­ner with the most votes will receive Clymb credit.

Now, one of our very own Clymb team mem­bers recounts how his love affair with climb­ing cracks began…

State­ly Plea­sure and the Joys of Climb­ing in the Dark

“We should go right now. Every­one should. And if we time it right we won’t even need headlamps.”

Char­lie, illu­mi­nat­ed by the glow of the camp­fire, was mim­ing the place­ment of per­fect hand jams and the beau­ti­ful­ly syn­chro­nized motions of flu­id crack climbing,…and for a moment it seemed he was lev­i­tat­ing inch­es above the pine nee­dle for­est floor. It was 10:00 at night and myself and three oth­ers sat in rapt atten­tion as Char­lie described to us why State­ly Plea­sure Dome was so pleasurable.

“I’ll go”, I said, rais­ing my hand like a school boy dur­ing his first lesson.

I had come to Yosemite to learn how to climb cracks and I was eager.  It was my first night in Yosemite and had met Char­lie a few hours ear­li­er wan­der­ing bare­foot in one of Touloum­ne’s high mead­ow boul­der fields.  He radi­at­ed con­fi­dence and the sav­age bliss I came to rec­og­nize in any­one who has ded­i­cat­ed them­selves to a life of dirt-bag­gery and the re-def­i­n­i­tion of phys­i­cal pos­si­bil­i­ty.  I trust­ed him immediately.

The South Crack of State­ly Plea­sure Dome, in Touloumne Mead­ows, ris­es rough­ly 5 pitch­es above beau­ti­ful Tenaya Lake, orig­i­nal­ly known to Native Amer­i­cans as Pie-we-ack, Lake of the Shin­ing Rocks.  But as we tied in at the base of the route I could see lit­tle more than the open­ing moves of what would become my very first mul­ti-pitch crack climb.

As Char­lie and I checked each oth­ers knots he gig­gled and whis­pered “this is going to change your life.” He then turned and in what seemed a sin­gle flu­id motion, dis­ap­peared into the ver­ti­cal night, cams jan­gling against his hips, the rope danc­ing behind him.

Char­lie was right. When the full moon peeked around the dome as we sat at a belay on the third pitch it filled the val­ley and bathed us in its bril­liance. I want­ed the route to go on forever.

That sum­mer I fol­lowed Char­lie up count­less routes, pulling gear, learn­ing prop­er place­ments and route find­ing, and claim­ing “booty” as we recov­ered stuck cams and nuts aban­doned by pre­vi­ous par­ties. That sum­mer I dis­cov­ered the joys of mov­ing across gran­ite using the space where void and rock meet; and I owe it all to Charlie.

Pho­to: Char­lie Bar­rett, rap­ping in to Sep­a­rate Real­i­ty, Yosemite shot by Daniel Weddle

We had many adven­tures togeth­er, and even­tu­al­ly I began lead­ing routes under Char­lie’s tute­lage and guid­ance. After sev­er­al months we part­ed com­pa­ny and I did­n’t see Char­lie again for many years.  When I did, it was in Touloumne, and we could think of only one thing to do…

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Into the Wild with Kel­ty and Mountainsmith

With 60 years of expe­ri­ence pro­vid­ing reli­able out­door gear, Kel­ty enables every­one to embrace the out­doors with con­fi­dence. Add to that inno­v­a­tive car­ry­ing solu­tions includ­ing cam­era cas­es and lum­bar packs from Moun­tain­smith, and we’re con­fi­dent you’ll be well-pre­pared for your next out­door adventure. 

When you’re done shop­ping, have a look at how one of our very own embraces the outdoors:


Two years ago I found myself in a very for­tu­nate place in my life. I was back liv­ing in the same remote South­east, Alaskan wilder­ness that I had once called home as a child. It had been years since I had been back and strange­ly it seemed like no time had passed at all since I left. The only change was in my will­ing­ness to be there as an adult instead of feel­ing forced there as I had as a nine-year-old. I was look­ing for a sum­mer of self-reflec­tion before grad school in a place that I was com­fort­able explor­ing, while also giv­ing me a new thrill to feed my adven­tur­ous spir­it. It had been a while since I had what I like to call my “ulti­mate awe” moment. The moment when you get so excit­ed and wrapped up in the nat­ur­al ele­ments around you that noth­ing else mat­ters. I knew I need­ed to find that again. I didn’t want to be some­one who took expe­ri­ences that I was for­tu­nate enough to have for grant­ed.  I want­ed to have an “awe” moment so serene that it would make my adven­ture worth every sec­ond.  I turned a glimpse of poten­tial guilt into inspi­ra­tion and set out on a 6‑day adven­ture into the remote Alaskan wilder­ness of Glac­i­er Bay Nation­al Park.

The sto­ry below will tell of the adven­ture, but I final­ly had my “awe” moment and found some­thing that excit­ed me more than I could have ever imagained…

It was a Wednes­day morn­ing when we set out from Bartlett Cove at the Glac­i­er Bay Nation­al Park head­quar­ters. We loaded up our two-man kayak with enough gear and food to last us a week and set our sights on reach­ing McBride Glac­i­er in three days; an ambi­tious 60 mile goal, espe­cial­ly for a begin­ner sea kayk­er. After pad­dling 15 miles on day one, we did­n’t quite reach where we had hoped, but found a great camp­site in the famous Beard­s­ley islands and decid­ed to give our­selves a rest for the night. My only fear dur­ing the entire trip was hav­ing a bad encounter with a brown bear and we had­n’t seen any up to this point, which had me feel­ing pret­ty safe at the spot we found for the night.

On day two we knew we had to make up a lot of miles and pushed it hard; we pad­dled 25 miles in a sin­gle day along tow­er­ing moun­tain peaks, rocky ocean beach­es and calm icy waters. We final­ly reached our des­ti­na­tion around 6pm, which only put us 15 miles from the Glac­i­er. Con­sid­er­ing our pre­vi­ous days mileage, this was an achiev­able dis­tance to reach­ing our day 3 goal. We were feel­ing safe after scop­ing out the camp spot and did­n’t see many traces of bears; enough to keep me up any­ways. We were already get­ting bet­ter at unload­ing the boat and stor­ing our bear cans. Each time we arrived at a spot, we had to unpack every­thing, set up our tent, move our kayak 50 yards from our tent and our bear cans anoth­er 150 yards from camp. It became an exhaust­ing process load­ing and unload­ing, but I think we both put on some much-need­ed mus­cle! We cooked every night in the inter­tidal waters to wash away any smells and lit small fires to keep the bugs away. We ate well and enjoyed spend­ing time sur­round­ed in the most beau­ti­ful area I had ever seen. Up until this point we had not seen anoth­er liv­ing soul since leav­ing the Beardsley’s.  The East arm of Glac­i­er Bay restricts any cruise ships so it still remains a place for true wilder­ness adventure.

I awoke the next morn­ing to some bustling noise around our tent. In a state of fear I peeked through the tiny tent win­dow and I could see a brown bear rough­ly 20–30 feet away.  My worst night­mare was hap­pen­ing. I could see the head­lines now: “Young Campers Mauled by Griz­zly in Alas­ka.” I sank back into my sleep­ing bag and start­ed to hyper­ven­ti­late; I quick­ly real­ized that I wasn’t near­ly as tough as I thought I was. I don’t think I have ever had such a gut wrench­ing feel­ing in my life. After a small and whis­per­ing argu­ment over what to do, we blew our bear whis­tle as loud as pos­si­ble. The bear imme­di­ate­ly ran off in the oth­er direc­tion and although our first bear scare was over and it was over­all a good encounter (minus my sky­rock­et­ing blood pres­sure), I could­n’t help but feel on edge any­time we were on land. Strange­ly, I began to feel much safer in the boat.

It took me awhile to calm down and load the boat as I was con­stant­ly bang­ing rocks togeth­er and blow­ing the whis­tle to scare off any bears. We set off again for a 15-mile day to McBride Glac­i­er. As we got clos­er we start­ed to pass by float­ing ice­bergs and the water began to get much cold­er. We were def­i­nite­ly get­ting fur­ther up the East Arm and were head­ing into fur­ther seclu­sion. I have to admit, it’s a bit over­whelm­ing know­ing that you are the only peo­ple in such a mas­sive and dra­mat­ic land­scape, but it was tru­ly breath­tak­ing. By 3pm, we start­ed to round the point where we knew the Glac­i­er was. We had sore arms and swollen hands from all the pad­dling by this point, but stoke was high and our adren­a­line had us pad­dling faster by the sec­ond. We pushed hard and final­ly made it. McBride is the most active Glac­i­er in the entire park, reced­ing 15–20 feet/day. We spent the night with a glac­i­er view and could hear ice break­ing off the glac­i­er wall through­out the night. It echoed off the walls of the high moun­tain peaks and cliffs, aside from being com­plete­ly amazed, the noise also made it easy for me to blame any bit of sound on ice falling in the water instead of a bear sit­ting in front of my tent with a din­ner plate and fork.

We woke to a huge ice­field of water that the cur­rents had pushed ashore and enjoyed our last break­fast before mak­ing the pad­dle home. Just as we were get­ting ready to start pack­ing, we looked across the bay and saw a large bear walk­ing along the coast. I again, began to hyper­ven­ti­late and even recall dump­ing all of my oat­meal and cof­fee into the ocean, fran­ti­cal­ly pack­ing up the bear cans and pac­ing in a cir­cle; a total­ly unpro­duc­tive move and waste of a good meal. I’m your girl for adven­ture, but not when things get scary. I could only hope that the bear would­n’t cross the frigid cold waters, but I was wrong. It jumped right into the water and swam with the ice­bergs over to our side of camp. I was armed with bear spray, but that was hard­ly enough to keep me calm. Once again, the bear con­tin­ued along the beach, bare­ly tak­ing the time to even look over at us. Now that my pan­ic had com­plete­ly ruined break­fast and any chance at a morn­ing meal (over noth­ing- real­ly) we decid­ed it was time to go.

We set off again to sun­shine and calm waters, pass­ing more ice­bergs, 6 more bears, eagles galore, sea lions, sea otters, moose and hun­dreds of species of birds. The trek back was just as mag­i­cal as the trek there. We spent a day on a great beach watch­ing the sun­set, sit­ting by a fire and cook­ing din­ner. We had orig­i­nal­ly planned to stay anoth­er night before our boat pick-up on Mon­day morn­ing, but just as we had camp all set up the idea of a hun­gry bear sit­ting in front of my tent plagued me once again and I knew it was going to be a sleep­less night. Luck­i­ly, it was sol­stice, so I was able to con­vince Scott that we’d have enough light to pad­dle through the night. My undy­ing fear of the great brown bear quick­ly trans­formed into the most amaz­ing expe­ri­ence of my life. It was cold, calm and clear. So qui­et you could only hear the swift motion of our pad­dles pulling our boat through the water. The sea was glow­ing with bright green phos­pho­res­cence and at the very moment, noth­ing else mat­tered except the adven­ture we were on and the sights sur­round­ing me.

Still, to this day and I imag­ine for­ev­er, my adven­ture will remain a mem­o­ry that has become my escape to a ‘hap­py place.’

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Hap­py Monday!

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I’ve been booed when I say this, but I’m actu­al­ly look­ing for­ward to the end of sum­mer. With Labor Day week­end approach­ing, I’m antic­i­pat­ing camp­ing trips with friends and some­how, camp­ing always feels right when there’s a chill in the air.

If you feel as I do, then these are the events for you. We’ve got camp­ing gear and acces­sories that will keep you toasty and com­fort­able, bring­ing you all the com­forts of home into the great outdoors.

As you know, we’ve been teas­ing our first part­ner­ship with Jacob Bromwell all week. More than prod­ucts, Jacob Bromwell offers a tru­ly Amer­i­can expe­ri­ence, bring­ing tra­di­tion and authen­tic­i­ty to every item and a life­time guar­an­tee that means they’ll remain in your fam­i­ly for gen­er­a­tions. Shop their camp­ing cook­ware here at up to 55% off.

The Orig­i­nal Pop­corn Popper

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And always use­ful no mat­ter what time of year, SOG knives and mul­ti-tools han­dle all the fix­es and sit­u­a­tions an app on your smart­phone can’t. Lucky for you, then, that you’re a mem­ber of The Clymb and can shop the SOG event at up to 50% off here.

Pret­ty cool events, huh?

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This week we’re help­ing you get all geared up for the great out­doors at half the cost. Every brand in our Into The Great Out­doors event is avail­able to you, loy­al mem­ber, at up to 50% off.

The first thing you need for any true camp­ing adven­ture is the right tent and sleep­ing bag. Luck­i­ly for you, we’ve got an amaz­ing selec­tion of both from Kel­ty and Slum­ber­jack. And of course you’ll be need­ing the major camp­ing essen­tials and we’ve got you cov­ered with SOG knives, ICON Lights flash­lights and Prince­ton Tec head­lamps, and Alps Moun­taineer­ing out­door furniture.

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SOG, ICON Lights, Prince­ton Tec & Alps Mountaineering


If you’re not yet a loy­al mem­ber, drop by Face­book or Twit­ter and we’ll be hap­py to extend an invite. Or you can stop by to say hi, ask a ques­tion about this or oth­er brand events, or share a pic­ture from your most recent out­door adventure.

Three brand events to start the week includ­ing one new brand to wel­come to The Clymb.

Thriv Nat­ur­al Per­for­mance appar­el allows you to sweat with­out being sweaty and blocks 99.9% of the sun’s rays with its UPF rat­ing of 50+. Their patent pend­ing blend of Organ­ic Cot­ton, bam­boo vis­cose, and elas­tine ensures max­i­mum com­fort. Vis­it our Thriv brand event and receive up to 60% off this inno­v­a­tive appar­el for men and women.

Using only food grade mate­ri­als in their prod­ucts, Water­box set out to pro­duce water bot­tles that serve their basic func­tion, but also look and feel good. We’re pleased to offer you anoth­er Water­box event where you can stock up on their long-last­ing and beau­ti­ful bot­tles at up to 60% off. Shop Water­box now.

Sier­ra Designs is no stranger to The Clymb and today we’re fea­tur­ing a camp­ing event loaded with their tents, sleep­ing bags, and oth­er camp­ing acces­sories. Shop Sier­ra Designs at up to 50% off here.

Brand events are for mem­bers only, but we’re avail­able to extend an invi­ta­tion via Face­book and Twit­ter.

For more on Thriv Nat­ur­al Per­for­mance, check out this video:

Good morn­ing! A new week starts with two new brands and we could­n’t be hap­pi­er to bring them to you.


For over half a cen­tu­ry, Slum­ber­jack has pro­vid­ed out­door enthu­si­asts new­er and bet­ter ways to get a good night’s sleep out­doors. Mem­bers of The Clymb can shop Slum­ber­jack­’s tents, out­door fur­ni­ture, and sleep­ing bags — includ­ing some great starter bags for your young scouts — at up to 50% off.


And for over 180 years, Wool­rich has been syn­ony­mous with qual­i­ty out­door cloth­ing. Changes in tech­no­log­i­cal devel­op­ment, lifestyles and pro­duc­tion meth­ods nev­er changed the fact that Wool­rich could always be count­ed on to pro­vide high qual­i­ty, per­for­mance-enhanc­ing out­door appar­el. You can count on shop­ping The Clym­b’s Wool­rich footwear event at up to 60% off here.

Stop by Twit­ter or Face­book and I’ll extend an invi­ta­tion to shop these mem­bers-only events.

We’ve done Skull­can­dy before, but not quite like this. Not only do we have an offer­ing of ear­buds deliv­er­ing high qual­i­ty sound, Clymb mem­bers can also shop Skull­can­dy’s hood­ies and acces­sories at up to 55% off. From the FMJ (Full Met­al Jack­et) with inte­grat­ed audio to the iTouch Slid­er Case — the ulti­mate armor for your iPod, you can get your shop on here.

Also, lots of good­ies from Sier­ra Designs includ­ing light­weight, but durable out­er­wear and cozy booties for men and women, com­fort­able sleep­ing bags, and spa­cious tents. Mem­bers can shop Sier­ra Designs at up to 50% off here.

You can shop these mem­bers-only events by becom­ing a mem­ber, and you can become a mem­ber of The Clymb if you stop by and say hi on Twit­ter or Face­book.