You’ve heard about ABS packs; now watch one per­form in a mas­sive avalanche.

The run begins like any back­coun­try descent in the Span­ish Pyre­nees then there’s the heart­break­ing moment. A crack splits across the slope. Trail­er sized chunks of snow break into a jig­saw pat­tern. The slope becomes a riv­er of snow cas­cad­ing over the cliffs below. And freeski­er Aymar Navar­ro is on for the ride. He’s lucky to have sur­vived this mas­sive slide.

While the ABS Pack might not be the only fac­tor in him sur­viv­ing, you can clear­ly see that even in a mas­sive avalanche Navar­ro end­ed up on top.


This viral video has caused an avalanche of its own. Pow­der edi­tor Matt Hansen wrote this Op-Ed about the video per­pet­u­at­ing ski­ing’s snow safe­ty prob­lems. Take a minute to read his sto­ry and the dia­logue below. What do you think? Should ABS have used the video?

Avalanch­es are dan­ger­ous. And no prod­uct is going to make you invin­ci­ble. Be safe out there!