soILL Climbing Commercial


As the fresh climb­ing com­pa­ny So iLL’s new com­mer­cial shows, the brand goes beyond the expect­ed. Nowhere do we see Chris Sharma’s mus­cu­lar back in a dynamo leap for a jug. Nor do we see gym rats mon­key­ing up an invert­ed over­hang­ing route.

This com­mer­cial fea­tures an ultra-styl­ized, super­bow­lesque nar­ra­tive of a guard in a booth com­ing up with an inven­tive solu­tion to halt park­ing lot poachers.

From the video, we get a sense of their cre­ative holds, like the tiny-bub­bled slop­er they call the Big-Roid. We see the ultra-bomber ure­thane is tough enough to get run over by a limo, but even more than a prod­uct spot, or a typ­i­cal climb­ing ad, we get an inside look into the cre­ative mind­set of this unique brand.

It’s hard to imag­ine anoth­er climb­ing com­pa­ny that’s got the cre­ative cojones to run an ad that doesn’t even show a climber, but then again, So iLL isn’t like any oth­er brand.

The unex­pect­ed is what we now expect from them.

Not many out­side of adven­ture-seek­ing cir­cles had heard of Andy Lewis before this past Sunday’s Super Bowl Half­time Show. Today, peo­ple can’t stop talk­ing about the toga-clad, curly-haired ball of bounc­ing ener­gy being kissed by Madon­na.  SkAndy (Sketchy Andy), BASE Pro, and Slack­line King are all apt names giv­en to the 25-year-old.

That per­for­mance also made ‘slack­lin­ing’ a house­hold name. Slack­lin­ing is the act of bal­anc­ing along a nar­row, flex­i­ble piece of web­bing which is low to the ground and usu­al­ly anchored between two trees. Even though its roots are in climb­ing, it has evolved into high­lin­ing and freel­in­ing (bal­anc­ing hun­dreds of feet in the air with­out a safe­ty leash), and slack­lin­ing is also a per­fect back­yard activ­i­ty, cross train­er and fit­ness tool.

Gib­bon Slack­lines Kits make it easy for any­one to learn this sport and we’re excit­ed that today they’re mak­ing their Clymb debut.

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Want a clos­er look at Slack­lin­ing? Check out this amaz­ing video of the Slack­lin­ing com­mu­ni­ty at its best:

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