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Fresh on the menu today:


High­gear: Born in the heart of the Appalachi­ans, High­gear designs intu­itive tools for you to explore the back­coun­try. Since 1999, they’ve pro­vid­ed the use­ful func­tions you need with­out the added expense of fea­tures you hard­ly ever use. The altime­ters, barom­e­ters, and chronome­ters embed­ded in each of the watch­es in this col­lec­tion will help keep your bear­ings in the backcountry.


Carve Designs: 
Carve Designs cre­ates beach-inspired appar­el for active women. Root­ed in the desire to offer female surfers beach­wear alter­na­tives to ill-fit­ting board­shorts, the brand’s designs are fem­i­nine, flat­ter­ing, with a hint of sexy. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on lifestyle appar­el from the pro­gres­sive brand.



Fil­trate Eye­wear: 
Fil­trate Eye­wear was found­ed in 2003 by two surfers who believed that qual­i­ty shades should­n’t break the bank. Embody­ing youth­ful counter-cul­ture and trend-for­ward design, Fil­trate’s afford­able pro­tec­tive sun­glass­es look sharp and can take a sav­age beat­ing. Don’t miss our col­lec­tion from the pro­gres­sive brand.



Ohana Pad­dle­boards: Rus­sell Coble is a sea­soned water­man and Robert Reed a con­sum­mate crafts­man, so it only makes sense that the two life­long friends joined forces in south­ern Cal­i­for­nia in 1996 to cre­ate Ohana Pad­dle­boards. Their high-per­for­mance designs have won all the major pad­dle board races, includ­ing the World Championships.



Surf­ing and Surfer Mag­a­zines: 
These two mag­a­zines high­light the art of surf­ing. Their fea­ture arti­cles give you a taste for the lifestyles and locales that define the cul­ture of the sport. Every time you open the mag­a­zine you feel like you’re step­ping onto the beach, feel­ing the sand between your toes, and siz­ing up the incom­ing swell. A year’s sub­scrip­tion will keep you in the know.



On Her Own Breath: Did you know?

On August 23 (that’s today!), 2011, Aus­tri­an moun­taineer Ger­linde Kaltenbrun­ner sum­mit­ed K2 to become the first woman in the world to stand atop all of the four­teen 8,000-meter peaks with­out sup­ple­men­tal oxy­gen. Most climbers use oxy­gen above 8,000 meters because the human body can­not pro­duce enough hemo­glo­bin in the blood­stream to accli­ma­tize to that ele­va­tion. Var­i­ous forms of high alti­tude sick­ness set in, result­ing in dizzi­ness, extreme fatigue, rasp­ing breath, poor mus­cu­lar coor­di­na­tion, and with pro­longed expo­sure, death. For this rea­son, moun­taineers call it the “Death Zone,” and Kaltenbrun­ner entered the Death Zone six times on unsuc­cess­ful attempts on K2, which is con­sid­ered the most dif­fi­cult of the 14 peaks to climb, before her suc­cess­ful sum­mit bid.


Inspired by our sum­mer surf style events, we went look­ing for surf­ing videos that would trans­port us out of our cubi­cles for awhile. SURFER Mag­a­zine’s Hot 100 Movie high­light­ing the best young surfers from all over the globe cer­tain­ly delivers.

It’s the per­fect video to push back from your desk and enjoy on your lunch break. Trust us. You can prac­ti­cal­ly feel the salt and sun on your skin.

[Via: Surfer Mag­a­zine]