suunto-core-featuredGuess­ing the time is a tried and true back­coun­try game. The only prob­lem with it is with one answer the game is over in an instant. The SUUNTO Core watch solves that prob­lem, and a whole lot more. This watch is like a com­mand cen­ter for your wrist. The key fea­tures will do more than keep the time, the com­pass and altime­ter will help you stay on track in the back­coun­try while the barom­e­ter, tem­per­a­ture, and storm alarm give you the info you need to know about chang­ing conditions. 

If you’re a seri­ous hik­er or plan a big back­pack­ing trip in the future keep the SUUNTO at the fore­front of gear to get before your trip. While on the trail you’ll be able to mea­sure your real-time ver­ti­cal gain and loss, choose smart and safe camps based on impend­ing weath­er, and pass end­less hours of guess­ing games with all these top-notch features. 

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