I spent about five min­utes debat­ing the title to this post. The Uni­ver­si­ty of Oxford Writ­ing and Style Guide recent­ly decid­ed that writ­ers should drop the Oxford Com­ma. So, accord­ing to them, the title should read, “Cushe, Coal and Nomis.” Although, using it resolves ambi­gu­i­ty so that you know Coal and Nomis aren’t togeth­er. How­ev­er, with the com­ma, today’s event sounds like a law firm.

Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.

Well, let’s get today’s events start­ed, shall we?

Cushe (pro­nounced Cushy) designs footwear that’s unique and chal­lenges the bound­aries of footwear design. In their case, love is in the details — the lit­tle things you can and can’t see that make their prod­uct that extra bit unique and spe­cial. And speak­ing of spe­cial, our mem­bers can shop Cushe footwear for men and women, start­ing today, at up to 55% off. Check out the Cushe event here.

Coal designs head­wear that are more than acces­sories because they under­stand that your style is a part of you, your per­son­al­i­ty — and why not have head­wear that is as unique as we are from one anoth­er? Shop an array of Coal’s bean­ies and fedo­ras at up to 60% off now. And if you’re so inclined, share pho­tos of your pur­chase on our Face­book page. Per­son­al­ly, I think every­one looks great in a fedora.

Nomis offers high qual­i­ty appar­el that looks as good as it fits. No, seri­ous­ly, their designs are awe­some. Check out our Nomis event with out­er­wear, appar­el, acces­sories and swimwear at up to 55% off here.

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