When we set out with cre­at­ing The Clymb we want­ed to part­ner with brands that we actu­al­ly used. We always want­ed to approach our busi­ness as fans and enthu­si­asts first. Basi­cal­ly if we sell it, some­one on our team has used or is cur­rent­ly using the brand. (Kevin looks awe­some in some of the Lole skirts.)

My fam­i­ly and I recent­ly went on a 10-day road trip from Port­land, OR to Mon­terey, CA for the Sea Otter Clas­sic bike event. And I must say, we LOVED our Moun­tain­smith gear!  The Mod­u­lar Hauler was per­fect for sort­ing clothes and the Tail­gater sat between the two front seats and kept our drinks cold and maps organized.

This guy was hang­ing out along the Pacif­ic Coast High­way in North­ern California.