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Gior­dana: Gior­dana is sit­u­at­ed in the heart of Italy’s road cycling scene. The per­for­mance-ori­ent­ed jer­seys, jack­ets, and more in this col­lec­tion are an authen­tic addi­tion to any seri­ous cyclist’s wardrobe.

Klint Skis: Klint Skis should get Rook­ie of the Year. Since Jan­u­ary of 2011, they’ve won 12 awards, includ­ing edi­tors’ choice awards from Pow­der, Ski­ing, and Freeski­er mag­a­zines. Fea­tur­ing all-moun­tain skis. 

Teko: Teko uti­lizes organ­ic Meri­no wool, non-tox­ic dyes, and chlo­rine-free pro­cess­ing to cre­ate per­for­mance socks for out­doors­folk who demand rugged footwear that leaves a light footprint.

Drag­on: Drag­on per­for­mance snow gog­gles are the cul­mi­na­tion of styl­ish design and rugged build. It’s no sur­prise that the com­pa­ny’s pro team ros­ter fea­tures some of the best action sports ath­letes in the world.

Men’s Hit The Trail Footwear: Don’t let your per­fect path turn into a tor­ment­ing trail because of bad footwear. Click through to shop trail shoes and hik­ing boots. Fea­tur­ing Vasque, KEEN, Colum­bia, and more.

Wom­en’s Hit the Trail Footwear: Blis­ters and twist­ed ankles are for the ill-equipped. With the right footwear you can go any­where. Find the per­fect pair­ing of trail socks and shoes here. Fea­tur­ing Vasque, HANWAG, Tec­ni­ca, & more.


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Fresh on the menu today:






Prince­ton Tec: Prince­ton Tec has been bat­tling the Dark Side of the out­doors with rev­o­lu­tion­ary illu­mi­na­tion tech­nol­o­gy since 1975. Inspired by human-pow­ered explo­ration, the brand works with adven­ture ath­letes to design the bright­est, most rugged tools for any con­di­tion. 





Evolv: When Chris Shar­ma sent the only 5.15b route in the world, Jum­bo Love, he was wear­ing Evolv climb­ing shoes. The supe­ri­or edg­ing, ultra-grip­py rub­ber, and com­fort­able fit makes the choice a no-brain­er. Evolv can’t take the cred­it for Sharma’s accom­plish­ments, but they are the choice of the world’s best rock climber.





ClimbX: Full of inno­va­tion, com­mit­ted to the core of climb­ing, and pro­duc­ing sus­tain­able-mind­ed prod­ucts for the glob­al climb­ing com­mu­ni­ty, ClimbX’s prod­uct line has with­stood 8 years of test­ing before mak­ing its debut. Now they’re span­ning the globe. If your knuck­les are skinned raw and you have chalk stains on your jeans, you’re already a mem­ber of the ClimbX tribe. Their devo­tion to climb­ing shows in the shoes and hard­ware fea­tured here.






Moun­tain Mama: There’s one adven­ture that’s often over­looked in the out­door indus­try – hav­ing chil­dren. That’s why Moun­tain Mama cre­ates active mater­nal appar­el and gear for women expect­ing the biggest adven­ture of all. Made in the U.S.A. with moth­er­ly love, this award-win­ning brand brings a gen­tle, sus­tain­able touch to this col­lec­tion of fleeces, pants, and dresses.





Get a Grip, Climb­ing Equip­ment: Your fore­arms are pumped. Your leg is doing the Elvis shake. Browse this col­lec­tion of climb­ing gear from pre­mi­um brands like Push­er, Rev­o­lu­tion, and Fusion before you take that scream­er. From hard­ware, to crash pads, to chalk bags, and more, this col­lec­tion will help you send that route.





Camp Essen­tials: Turn the lantern down low. Fire up the alco­hol stove. Bust out your tita­ni­um spork and dig into those freeze-dried noo­dles. Zagat might not rate your spot, but with the lanterns, stoves, and cook­ware in this col­lec­tion, your back­coun­try kitchen will serve up 5‑star ambiance.





Trail Ready Women’s Footwear: Blis­ters and twist­ed ankles are for the ill-equipped. With the right footwear you can go any­where. Find the per­fect pair­ing of trail socks and shoes here. Click through to shop our col­lec­tion of hik­ing shoes, boots, and socks by Teva, Patag­o­nia, adi­das, & more. 





Trail Ready Men’s Footwear: Ham sand­wich, no mayo. Apple, sliced. Ener­gy bars, cho­sen. Trail mix, per­fect­ed. It feels good to be dialed in. But all the prepa­ra­tion in the world won’t stop your per­fect path from turn­ing into a trail of tears if you aren’t wear­ing the prop­er footwear. Get it here. Click through to shop this col­lec­tion fea­tur­ing Tim­ber­land, Tech­ni­ca, Colum­bia, and more.





Per­for­mance Socks: Deformed by the dry­er, chewed on by a dog, it doesn’t take long before your sock draw­er becomes an assort­ment of ragged, one-eyed mis­fits. Over­haul your sock draw­er with the per­for­mance socks in this exten­sive col­lec­tion by top brands such as Teko, Salomon, and much more!




Into the WildDid you know?

On Sep­tem­ber 6th, (that’s today!), 1992, a local Alaskan hunter, Butch Kil­lian dis­cov­ered the body of Christo­pher McCan­d­less in an aban­doned bus on the Stam­pede Trail just out­side of Denali Nation­al Park in the Alaskan inte­ri­or. McCan­d­less’ diary depict­ed his 113–day attempt to live off the land eat­ing plants, por­cu­pine, and cari­bou before suc­cumb­ing to star­va­tion. John Krakauer’s book Into the Wild and Sean Penn’s movie by the same title depict­ed McCan­d­less as an ide­al­is­tic young man search­ing for adventure.



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Fresh on the menu today:

GORE RUNNING WEAR: GORE RUNNING WEAR sets the stan­dard for per­for­mance and pro­tec­tion with skin-to-shell gar­ment sys­tems and sport-spe­cif­ic designs fea­tur­ing GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER fab­ric tech­nolo­gies as well as oth­er select­ed tech­ni­cal fab­rics. Click through to shop this col­lec­tion of Men’s and Wom­en’s pre­mi­um run­ning gear with all the bells and whis­tles. Fea­tur­ing jack­ets, tights, and more.

Emer­i­ca: Emer­i­ca’s pre­mi­um skate-inspired footwear and appar­el is designed and test­ed by pro­fes­sion­al rid­ers. Each mod­el is packed with as much per­son­al­i­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty as the rid­ers them­selves because, hey, that’s what skate­board­ing is all about. Speak­ing of what skate­board­ing is all about, Emer­i­ca is about more than just cre­at­ing inno­v­a­tive skate gear. The com­pa­ny active­ly empow­ers youth through skate­board­ing by sup­port­ing orga­ni­za­tions like Boards for Bros, which dis­trib­utes refur­bished skate­boards to chil­dren that can’t afford them. Rod­ney Recloose would be proud. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Men’s Emer­i­ca footwear.

Hit the Trail: Men’s Footwear: Don’t let your per­fect path turn into a trail of tears because of bad footwear. Click to shop now to shop hik­ing boots and per­for­mance trail socks by Vasque, KEEN, Colum­bia, Dahlgren, and more.

Hit the Trail: Wom­en’s Footwear: Blis­ters and twist­ed ankles are for the ill equipped. With the right footwear you can go any­where. Find the per­fect pair­ing of trail socks and shoes here. Click through now to shop our col­lec­tion of hik­ing shoes, boots, and socks by Colum­bia, Patag­o­nia, Vasque, adi­das, & more.


Cham­pi­on of Cham­pi­ons: Did you know? To say that Ital­ian pro­fes­sion­al cyclist Ange­lo Faus­to Cop­pi was a pro­lif­ic ath­lete would be an under­state­ment. Between 1940 and 1953, he won the Giro d’I­talia five times, the Tour de France twice, and the World Cham­pi­onship once. Ital­ians knew him as the “Cham­pi­on of Cham­pi­ons.” He was so good that orga­niz­ers for the 1952 Tour de France had to dou­ble the prize mon­ey they were offer­ing for sec­ond place just to gen­er­ate inter­est. On July 20 (that’s today) that same year, Cop­pi won the Tour de France as expect­ed. What was­n’t expect­ed was by how much: the Cham­pi­on of Cham­pi­ons came in near­ly half an hour over his clos­est com­peti­tor. No one has won a Tour by that big of a mar­gin ever since.


Cred­it: KAVU

As if killer out­door gear on the cheap was­n’t moti­va­tion enough for our mem­bers to fill up theirs carts each day, we decid­ed to sweet­en the deal. Today through Sun­day we’re offer­ing free ship­ping on orders of $75 or more. Team up with a friend or take advan­tage your­self and load up! We’re offer­ing mem­ber-exclu­sive dis­counts on KAVU, COAL, and Men’s and Wom­en’s Trail Footwear today to help you get started.

Fresh on the menu today:

KAVU: You’re all alone, star­ing at your reflec­tion in a qui­et back­coun­try lake, when inspi­ra­tion hits. You take a lung­ful of moun­tain air then jump in, per­form­ing a per­fect can­non­ball that shat­ters the calm. Con­grat­u­la­tions. You just expe­ri­enced KAVU. Fun in the sun incar­nate, KAVU designs clothes for high-ener­gy out­door enthu­si­asts. We’ve got a great selec­tion of KAVU Men’s and Women’s lifestyle appar­el for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing. Don’t miss out—summer is just around the corner.

COAL: How do you stay warm by get­ting cool­er when it’s cold out­side? Slip into some styl­ish head­wear or gloves from COAL. Need anoth­er rea­son to give COAL gear a go? The Seat­tle-based company’s numer­ous inspi­ra­tions (which are list­ed on its web­site) range from booze, moun­tains, and the Eisen­how­er Inter­state Sys­tem to the Flam­ing Lips, beards, and skate and snow­board cul­ture. The com­bi­na­tion makes for prod­ucts with great fit, for­ward-think­ing design, and a lot of per­son­al­i­ty. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on COAL Men’s and Women’s head­wear and gloves.

Trail Footwear: Soft with rain. Steam­ing in the heat of the after­noon sun. Lit­tered with logs. Crawl­ing with boul­ders. Swim­ming in mud. No mat­ter how you take your trail, we’ve got the footwear you need to enjoy it safe­ly. Your ankles will thank you. Click through now for mem­ber-exclu­sive pric­ing on Men’s and Wom­en’s trail footwear from top brands, such as Vasque, Colum­bia, Tim­ber­land, VIVOBAREFOOT, & More.

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