Since 2002, TTR Pro Snow­board­ing has cov­ered many of the high­lights of snow­board­ing. Despite 11 years of doc­u­men­ta­tion and film, they felt that some­thing was still miss­ing: an entire his­to­ry of the cre­ators of snow­board­ing as we know it today.

If you have no idea who Tom Sims, Jake Bur­ton, Craig Kel­ly, or Ter­je Haakon­sen are, then you prob­a­bly need to watch this video asap. Or, maybe you already know every­thing there is to know about snow­board­ing. In that case, you will appre­ci­ate that TTR took the time to hon­or the “spe­cial heroes that will always be the best,” as Max Ploet­zened­er put it.

Remem­ber the inspi­ra­tion doesn’t stop here; watch for the next four webisodes to be released.

[Via: World Snow­board Tour]