For Ueli Steck, the sky real­ly is the lim­it. With no expe­ri­ence in paraglid­ing, Steck chose paraglid­ing as his trans­porta­tion of choice while in the Swiss Alps. Paraglid­ing allowed Steck to climb three peaks in one day. Prob­lem is, Steck still need­ed to learn how to paraglide.

Watch this video to see Steck race up three peaks, and, not as quick­ly, learn how to mas­ter the art of paraglid­ing. Steck seems to enjoy him­self through­out each adven­ture, so feel free to enjoy not only Steck­’s high points, but also his learn­ing moments.

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Imag­ine how long it would take to reach the top, 102nd, floor of the Empire State build­ing if you had to walk up the stairs to get there. Now imag­ine that some­one stacked five Empire State build­ings on top of one anoth­er and asked you to walk up the stairs to get to the top. How long would it take you to get there? No, scratch that. Imag­ine that there are still five Empire State build­ings stacked up but instead of stairs you now have to climb the ver­ti­cal out­er walls to get to the top. How long? I know—it’s a stu­pid ques­tion because you would­n’t do it. But that’s because you aren’t Swiss speed-moun­taineer­ing leg­end and Moun­tain Hard­wear ath­lete, Ueli Steck.

In 2008, Steck set a speed record on the treach­er­ous 5,900-foot north face of the Eiger by sum­mit­ing the near-ver­ti­cal behe­moth in…wait for it…two hours and 45 min­utes. That’s about how long it’d take you to fin­ish watch­ing The Lord of the Rings. Kin­da makes you feel like a Hob­bit, does­n’t it? (You can watch Ueli in all his speed-moun­taineer­ing glo­ry in the video above.)

While you aren’t going to beat the Swiss phe­nom­e­non in a race up the moun­tains of Mor­dor any­time soon, you can still take a page out of his book to help crush your own pre­cious per­son­al best. Steck teamed up with Moun­tain Hard­wear design­ers to cre­ate the ulti­mate ultra­light speed-moun­taineer­ing kit.

Here’s what they came up with:

Mak­ing a hat-trick of records, Swiss alpin­ist and Suun­to ambas­sador Ueli Steck has claimed fastest times for solo ascend­ing the north faces of Eiger (in Switzer­land), Grandes Jorass­es (locat­ed between France and Italy) and Mat­ter­horn (between Italy and Switzer­land). Ueli climbed on the Eiger and Grandes Jorass­es dur­ing 2008 and on the Mat­ter­horn in ear­ly 2009. Watch the high­lights of these amaz­ing record break­ing ascents:

In Sep­tem­ber Steck com­plet­ed an expe­di­tion up Makalu, which is 8463m above sea lev­el where he bat­tled intense frost­bite on his feet. It was an amaz­ing ascent to the top made even more impres­sive by the phys­i­cal impact it had on Ueli’s body and how he over­came the adversity.

So why are we talk­ing about Steck? (Besides his amaz­ing accom­plish­ments?) One of Steck­’s equip­ment spon­sors is Suun­to, they hap­pen to be the com­pa­ny behind our brand event this week. Tomor­row start­ing at 9am PST we will launch the Suun­to brand event. We encour­age you to log on to the site ear­ly as some mod­els will sell out quickly.

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