Skiers and board­ers might not have a lot in com­mon when it comes to pick­ing out the next line to charge on a moun­tain or decid­ing whether or not its fair to ban one anoth­er from an entire resort, the rea­son for moguls, two edges vs. four, accept­able “bro-brah” bag­gy attire; I think you’re get­ting the point here.  What skiers and board­ers do have in com­mon is an appre­ci­a­tion for all things snow, and more impor­tant­ly the super­sti­tion sur­round­ing the myth­i­cal God of the white gnar we all love, Ullr him­self.     

Ullr, com­mon­ly known to new school ski bums every­where as the god of snow, is a fig­ure that comes to us from Norse Mythol­o­gy.  He wasn’t actu­al­ly known as a weath­er god, but was appar­ent­ly known as a rip­pin’ ski­er in his time, which means that pow­der sticks have been around much longer than we ever thought; 13th cen­tu­ry to be exact.

While some regions of the coun­try are get­ting dumped on, oth­er parts are start­ing to suf­fer from this year’s lack of snow and with this week’s epic gear and appar­el deals brought to you by Foursquare, Spe­cial Blend and Bur­ton to make win­ter more enjoy­able, this is our call to action for all fel­low rid­ers, skiers and snow lovers alike to ban togeth­er, grab your clos­est friends and start cel­e­brat­ing the god of snow (reli­gious beliefs not required and shot-ski’s are optional).

To get you start­ed, we’re giv­ing away “Vaca­tion” the ski movie, pro­duced by Foursquare and Spe­cial Blend…. Check out our Face­book page for details.