When most peo­ple hear “New York,” they think of the city; cement, build­ings, side­walks, honk­ing cars—but def­i­nite­ly not hik­ing. If you’re will­ing to leave the crazi­ness of the Big Apple, you can find some of the best hik­ing trails around. From dif­fi­cult hikes that pass stun­ning water­falls and rivers to eas­i­er hikes that go past hotel ruins and fire tow­ers, there are lots of hik­ing routes to choose from. Here are four of the best hik­ing trails in New York.

Watkins Glen State Park, New YorkWatkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail
The Watkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail is a 1.3‑mile long hike, so it is a quick hike that is ide­al for begin­ners and fam­i­lies. The trail fea­tures stun­ning moun­tain top views, and it pass­es over and under rugged water­falls and stone stops. The hike isn’t the most chal­leng­ing in New York, but it is great for the views; there are over 19 water­falls to check out as well as 200ft tow­er­ing cliffs.

You can spend your after­noon explor­ing this trail, or camp in the park and check out all the hik­ing trails the area has to offer, such as the Indi­an Trail, Rim Trails and the North Coun­try Nation­al Scenic Trail. This is a great option if you want to do a series of hikes of vary­ing difficulty.

Whiteface mountainWhite­face Mountain
If you love a chal­leng­ing hike you should vis­it White­face Moun­tain. It’s a dif­fi­cult 10-mile hike that winds up the moun­tain to a stun­ning sum­mit where hik­ers are reward­ed with a beau­ti­ful view for their efforts.

The moun­tain is the old­er sib­ling of Cas­cade Moun­tain, and it is the fifth high­est moun­tain in New York stand­ing at 4,865 feet. The trail is locat­ed in Wilm­ing­ton New York, which is about four hours out of New York City. The moun­tain first became famous in 1980 when it host­ed Alpine Ski­ing for the Win­ter Olympics.

White­face Moun­tain is known as one of the best hikes in New York, but it is also the most dan­ger­ous hike on this list. If you vis­it, make sure that you have a high-qual­i­ty pair of water­proof boots, as well as a bot­tle of water and a ful­ly charged phone.

Overlook MountainOver­look Mountain
Over­look Moun­tain is a sim­ple hike that is per­fect for begin­ners (or peo­ple who don’t like hik­ing). The path is rel­a­tive­ly flat and easy to walk, and there are lots of cool views to check out. There are some inter­est­ing hotel ruins to explore near the sum­mit, and at the sum­mit, there is a fire tow­er that offers stun­ning views of the moun­tain. There is also a ranger cab­in that explains the sad his­to­ry of the failed Over­look hotel.

It is worth not­ing that this hik­ing trail is extreme­ly pop­u­lar, so you should head out ear­ly if you want to avoid the crowds.

Cascade MountainCas­cade Mountain
Cas­cade Moun­tain is a mod­er­ate­ly chal­leng­ing hike that is per­fect for expe­ri­enced hik­ers. The 4.8‑mile trail is short­er than most oth­er hik­ing trails in the area, but it includes dif­fi­cult routes and paths, mak­ing it a fun challenge.

The sum­mit of Cas­cade Moun­tain fea­tures 360-degree views of the area so you will be reward­ed for your hik­ing efforts. There are also lots of camp­sites and cab­ins for hire at the sum­mit, so if you want you can plan to stay the night.