In this age of texts, tweets, and twit­pics, where infor­ma­tion is sent and received in the blink of an eye, it’s easy to for­get that there are still those relay­ing data old school. When doc­u­ments are too sen­si­tive to e‑mail, or plans are too detailed to fax, many com­pa­nies rely on city bike messengers.

Not to be con­fused with the paper boy who deliv­ers your week­ly coupons and fun­nies, being a bike mes­sen­ger isn’t a part-time, after-school gig — it’s a full blown pro­fes­sion with its own spe­cial skill set that must be mas­tered: inti­mate knowl­edge of a major, bustling city (San Fran­cis­co, New York, Chica­go, etc.), and ath­leti­cism and endurance to han­dle city cycling all day.

Urban bike mes­sen­gers aren’t just trans­port­ing doc­u­ments, they’ve got to pro­tect their tools of the trade as well: bike gear and tools to make on-the-go repairs and a walkie-talkie to check in with dis­patch and oth­er mes­sen­gers. It’s no won­der, then, that Chrome mes­sen­ger bags have been trust­ed with the respon­si­bil­i­ty of ensur­ing that all of their pre­cious car­go arrives on time and safely.

Mem­bers, you don’t need to be a mes­sen­ger to deliv­er a mes­sage. Fash­ion meets func­tion with Chrome bags, which are craft­ed from durable and extreme­ly tough mate­ri­als that are made to stand up to the ele­ments. When you don’t have to wor­ry about rain, sleet, or snow when it comes to your mes­sen­ger bag, you can rest easy know­ing that your belong­ings will arrive just like you, in style.

Credit: (David Perez in NYC)
Cred­it: (David Perez in NYC)

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