Mem­bers, click through below for exclu­sive sav­ings on today’s fea­tured brands:


VAUDE Camp­ing: VAUDE is a pri­vate­ly-owned com­pa­ny that builds some of the high­est qual­i­ty and most envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly gear in the world. Shop this col­lec­tion of sleep­ing bags, packs, and more. 

VAUDE Cycling: Head­quar­tered in in Ger­many, VAUDE (pro­nounced “vah-day”) has set its sights on becom­ing Europe’s most envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly out­door brand. This col­lec­tion fea­tures cycling accessories.

SIGMA SPORT: Train to dom­i­nate the pelo­ton in the Pyre­nees or ped­al to the pub safe­ly in Port­land with SIGMA SPORT watch­es and lights. This Ger­man brand brings sophis­ti­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy for your every­day use.

Body Up: Cre­at­ed for the fash­ion-mind­ed ath­lete, Body Up per­for­mance appar­el blends qual­i­ty and func­tion with style and ele­gance. Their col­lec­tions are designed in Italy and man­u­fac­tured in the U.S.

Tri Sup­plies: A triathlon is hard enough with­out hav­ing to bat­tle a wedgie, too. Don’t let infe­ri­or gear creep up on you. Shop this col­lec­tion of sin­glets, com­pres­sion shorts, race­suits, and more from top brands.


Shades of Win­ter: Don’t be fooled by the win­ter sun. Just because it swings low on the hori­zon doesn’t mean it lacks umph. Pro­tect your eyes from winter’s icy glare with stylin’ shades from Oak­ley, Native, and more.

Canine Equip­ment: Wag­ging tails. Wrestling match­es. Romp­ing through the mud. Dogs do a lot to inspire us to play out­side. Show your appre­ci­a­tion with the toys, beds, leash­es, and more fea­tured in this collection.



Mem­bers, click through below for exclu­sive sav­ings on today’s fea­tured brands:

Jam­bu & J‑41: Inspired by the beau­ty of the rain­for­est, this col­lec­tion of eco-friend­ly, fleece-lined shoes and water­proof boots from Jam­bu & J‑41 departs from their tra­di­tion­al designs for the cold, wet mountains. 

Wet­fly: Are you try­ing to con­vince the fish you’re a bug again? You might want to read Kafka’s Meta­mor­phi­sis, and then acquire some gear from Wet­fly. Their fly box­es and reels will help your cause. 

Coal: Draw­ing from its roots in art, skate and snow­board cul­ture and with inspi­ra­tions rang­ing from moun­tains to the Flam­ing Lips, Coal deliv­ers great fit and for­ward-think­ing design.  Click here to see these awe­some products.

Sunice: You can spot Sunice on the sum­mit of Ever­est or on the podi­um at the Olympics. The trust­ed out­er­wear brand from the Cana­da is now avail­able at The Clymb for mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing. 

DAKINE Packs: Hike back­coun­try lines with your skis strapped to your pack. Bob and weave like a stylin’ mes­sen­ger. There’s a DAKINE pack for every pur­pose. Find yours in this col­lec­tion at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing. 

DAKINE Win­ter: Com­plaints on a pow­der day are like giv­ing dead ros­es to your prom date. Don’t do it! Cel­e­brate the snow with these qual­i­ty mitts, base­lay­ers, bean­ies, and more in this exten­sive col­lec­tion from DAKINE. 

DAKINE Lug­gage and Bags: You don’t have to prove you’re tough by lug­ging a heavy bag through the air­port. You can use the wheeled roller bags in this col­lec­tion from DAKINE to save your strength for more mean­ing­ful feats.

Dunkelvolk: From the beach­es of Lima, Peru comes Dunkelvolk appar­el. Blend­ing surf, skate, and street-styled artistry, this col­lec­tion of appar­el is as funky as say­ing Dunkelvolk three times fast.

VAUDE: Head­quar­tered in Ger­many, VAUDE (pro­nounced “vah-day”) has set its sights on becom­ing Europe’s most envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly out­door brand. Today’s col­lec­tion fea­tures tents, packs, and much more.




Unlock­ing Cho Oyu: Did you know? On Octo­ber 19th (that’s today!), 1954, Her­bert Tichy led a climb­ing par­ty up the north­west ridge to the first suc­cess­ful sum­mit of Cho Oyu. At 26,906 feet, Cho Oyo is the sixth tallest moun­tain in the world, and it is the most acces­si­ble sum­mit of the world’s 14, eight thou­sand meter peaks due to the prox­im­i­ty of a glaciat­ed moun­tain pass that Tibetans and the Khumbu’s Sher­pas use as their main trad­ing route. Ini­tial climb­ing par­ties, how­ev­er, includ­ing Sir Edmund Hilary’s attempt in 1952, were turned away by the chal­leng­ing climb. It was not until Tichy and his men unlocked the north­west ridge with a route through a poten­tial­ly chal­leng­ing high-ele­va­tion crux move, that Cho Oyo became known as the eas­i­est of the world’s high­est sum­mits to climb.


Mem­bers, gear up for adven­ture at any elevation!

For $100, you could bel­ly up to a three-course meal at your favorite restau­rant. Or you could flesh out your clos­et here with pre­mi­um tech­ni­cal appar­el by top brands like Show­ers Pass, Hold­en, and Technica.

Men’s Under $100 | Wom­en’s Under $100 | Gear Under $100

For $50, you could bet your friend that he can’t prove his lat­est boast. Or you could sit back and indulge his tall tales know­ing that you’re per­fect­ly con­tent tak­ing the high road—in some pre­mi­um tech­ni­cal appar­el by top brands like Drag­on and Vaude.

Men’s Under $50 | Wom­en’s Under $50 | Gear Under $50


For $25, you could take a friend to the new big-bud­get block­buster. Or you could stay home and score pre­mi­um tech­ni­cal appar­el from top brands like Hur­ley, DVS, and Out­door Research from The Clymb. Stick with Net­flix tonight to enable a larg­er-than-life adven­ture sto­ry of your own later.

Men’s Under $25 | Wom­en’s Under $25 | Gear Under $25

For over $100, you could buy a new tele­vi­sion to watch the Dis­cov­ery chan­nel in High Def­i­n­i­tion. Or you could go out­side and dis­cov­er some­thing in the res­o­lu­tion of real­i­ty with pre­mi­um gear by top brands like Big Agnes, March Brown, and Brooks England.

Men’s Over $100 | Wom­en’s Over $100 | Gear Over $100

Mem­bers, check out the events we’re fea­tur­ing today:





Cast Away: This col­lec­tion fea­tures fly-fish­ing essen­tials includ­ing hik­ing rods, float tubes, waders, and more. Hes­i­tate on this event and years from now you’ll still be telling sto­ries about how it got away.







VAUDE Camp­ing: When you’re out there rely­ing only on the gear in your pack, you want to be sure it’s going to hold up to what­ev­er stands in your way. Find peace of mind with packs, tents, and more here.

VAUDE Cycling: Head­quar­tered in in Ger­many, VAUDE (pro­nounced “vah-day”) has set its sights on becom­ing Europe’s most envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly out­door brand. This col­lec­tion fea­tures cycling accessories.






I/S Eye­wear: Test­ed and proven in the moun­tains of Cana­da, I/S cut­ting-edge, team-inspired, pre­mi­um-qual­i­ty eye­wear is designed to take a beat­ing. This col­lec­tion fea­tures sun­glass­es at mem­ber-exclu­sive pricing.







Ses­sions: Be ‘wow’ on the pow with Ses­sions cloth­ing and out­wear, styl­ish gear designed to keep you warm and per­form­ing even in the harsh­est con­di­tions. Fea­tur­ing jack­ets, pants, gloves, and more.






OTZShoes: OTZShoes was born from the desire to incor­po­rate today’s trend, com­fort, and tech­nol­o­gy into footwear found on Ötzi, a pre­his­toric man dis­cov­ered frozen in ice. Step back in time with this collection.







Green­lay­er: Fit­ness meets finesse meets envi­ron­men­tal respon­si­bil­i­ty with Green­lay­er, race-inspired per­for­mance appar­el that uti­lizes sus­tain­able mate­ri­als such as recy­cled poly­ester. Fea­tur­ing tees, polos, sin­glets, and more.



Will­ing the Way: Did you know? On Sep­tem­ber 20 (that’s today!), 1519, the Por­tuguese nav­i­ga­tor and explor­er Fer­di­nand Mag­el­lan set sail from Spain in an effort to find a west­ern sea route to the Spice Islands, mod­ern-day Indone­sia. In com­mand of five ships and 270 men, Mag­el­lan was relent­less in his pur­suit. After fail­ing to find pas­sage along the South Amer­i­can coast, the crew win­tered at Port St. Julian. East­er day, 1520, the Span­ish cap­tains mutinied against their Por­tuguese coun­ter­part, how­ev­er, Mag­el­lan quick­ly crushed the revolt. Per­sis­tence paid off, and on Octo­ber 21, he sailed into the strait that he had been seek­ing. Now known as the Strait of Mag­el­lan, three of the five orig­i­nal ships entered the pas­sage. The Pacif­ic Ocean was spot­ted after 38 days of treach­er­ous nav­i­ga­tion, and Mag­el­lan wept at the view. He was the first Euro­pean explor­er to reach the Pacif­ic Ocean from the Atlantic.



Clym­bers, here’s what we’ve got lined up for you today:

OTZShoes: In 1991, hunters dis­cov­ered the remains of a man who had been frozen for thou­sands of years. He was still wear­ing shoes. OTZShoes was born from the desire to recre­ate the ice­man’s footwear incor­po­rat­ing today’s trend, com­fort, and tech­nol­o­gy. Click through for styles for both women and men.

Matix: Time­less styling and qual­i­ty fab­rics don’t mean a thing if your clothes dis­in­te­grate when you scor­pi­on on the con­crete. Matix (pro­nounced “matt-icks”) durable, skate-inspired, fash­ion-for­ward gar­ments wel­come repeat­ed hard spills. Click through for Matix men’s apparel.

VAUDE: Head­quar­tered in south­ern Ger­many, VAUDE (pro­nounced “vah-day”) has its sites set on becom­ing Europe’s most envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly out­door brand. For­get leder­ho­sen, this green-mind­ed Ger­man brand spe­cial­izes in tech­ni­cal gear for moun­tain and bike sports. Check out our selec­tion of VAUDE cycling accessories.

Don’t for­get: Shar­ing some­thing about your Dad in 140 char­ac­ters or less may earn you $25 to The Clymb, just in time to spend it on Dad. 

We did it! The Clymb has reached one mil­lion mem­bers (and count­ing!) and it’s thanks to YOU!

Con­grat­u­la­tions to our one mil­lionth mem­ber, Mike DeVan­zo! Mike will receive $1,000 in Clymb cred­it which should go a long way in fuel­ing his future human-pow­ered adven­tures. Mike was referred to us by Alex Piaz­za, who will also receive $1,000 in Clymb credit.

Just because we’ve reached a mil­lion, that doesn’t mean the cel­e­bra­tion ends. Start­ing today, we’re offer­ing free ship­ping for the week­end (through Sun­day, March 4th) to show our appreciation.

And just in time for free ship­ping today’s events offer up some of the best in out­er­wear, hel­mets, and eyewear:

KLYMIT returns to The Clymb with their noble gas-based insu­lat­ed out­er­wear, hard­shells, and ultra-light soft­shells for men and women. Also, VAUDE bike out­er­wear and acces­sories are high qual­i­ty and sure to per­form under any con­di­tion. Final­ly, the icon­ic uvex brings their opti­mum fit and pro­tec­tion to The Clymb with a selec­tion of bike hel­mets and eyewear.

Remem­ber, from now through Sun­day, you get FREE ship­ping on these and all the oth­er events cur­rent­ly fea­tured on The Clymb.

In case you missed it on Face­book, Clymb mem­ber Sta­cy Lamb made her local news talk­ing about an all-night Climbat­hon to ben­e­fit the Ronald McDon­ald house. That’s Sta­cy rock­ing a The Clymb t‑shirt. If you’d like to donate, you can find more info here.

Of course, you can pick up your very own The Clymb t‑shirt here.

Also Fea­tured This Week:

Ang­ie Rip­ple, Lucky Clymber

Put Your Feet First With Bogs, Plus OllyDog

Joshua Mon­tague, Every Day Clymber

SCOTT, Gre­go­ry, Teko, Plus a Gog­gles & Gloves Event

KAVU believes in a life lived out­doors, where every day leaves you exhil­a­rat­ed and inspired. That belief can be felt in their appar­el and acces­sories which is why we’re pleased to offer a selec­tion of their bags and totes to fit all of your out­door car­ry­ing needs. Shop our KAVU bag event at up to 60% off retail now.

We know you guys love it when we fea­ture bikes and we’re sure that today you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed. Kilo­watt Bikes return to The Clymb with elec­tric and human-pow­ered bikes for peo­ple who want to reduce their car­bon foot­print and focus on con­ve­nience, health and hap­pi­ness. Clymb mem­bers will receive pric­ing, up to 70% off, on Kilo­watt Bikes here.

Also, we’re fea­tur­ing bike pan­niers and seat post bags from Vaude, a com­pa­ny known for qual­i­ty and devel­op­ing a range of out­door prod­ucts that per­form con­sis­tent­ly under any con­di­tion. Our Vaude event is exclu­sive­ly for mem­bers. Save up to 50% on Vaude now.

We’re hon­ored to once again work with Leave No Trace, an orga­ni­za­tion that works towards the pro­mo­tion and edu­ca­tion of out­door respon­si­bil­i­ty. We’re debut­ing exclu­sive Leave No Trace T‑shirts which fea­ture an artis­tic depic­tion of their Sev­en Prin­ci­ples. 100% of the t‑shirt pro­ceeds will go to sup­port Leave No Trace and their mis­sion. And when you pur­chase a tee, your entire order ships for free.

You can still shop our GU Ener­gy, Sunice GORE-TEX, Lib­er­ty Bot­tle­works, Pow­der and SNOWBOARDER Mag­a­zines, and Poor Boyz Revolver events.

Besides being a good place to get infor­ma­tion on orders and upcom­ing events, our Face­book and Twit­ter pages are also a buzz with our lat­est con­test where you could win $10, $20, $50 (and at least one $500) cred­it to The Clymb. Check the sites for more info.

We’re con­stant­ly work­ing to expand the types of out­door activ­i­ties we fea­ture on The Clymb. We know that the world is a big place, filled with count­less ways to enjoy its beau­ty and explore its mys­ter­ies. It’s impor­tant to us to pro­vide the gear and appar­el that’s impor­tant to you. 

We’re hap­py to offer up VIVOBAREFOOT for all you min­i­mal­ist run­ners out there. They have the sci­ence to back up their belief that bare­foot run­ning allows you to run com­fort­ably and safe­ly and is, in fact, the way nature intend­ed us to run. You can get more info on their sci­en­tif­ic research here. And then shop our VIVOBAREFOOT event at up to 70% off.

Vaude does­n’t just embody “the spir­it of moun­tain sports” it embraces their respon­si­bil­i­ty to pro­vide qual­i­ty appar­el in a social­ly and envi­ron­men­tal­ly respon­si­ble envi­ron­ment. They don’t just talk the talk in lead­ing the way to change in regards to man­u­fac­tur­ing accord­ing to the high­est stan­dards of envi­ron­men­tal capa­bil­i­ties. Mem­bers of The Clymb can save up to 55% off Vaude appar­el for men and women now.

You can also shop our Canari, Slum­ber­jack, and Sock­Guy events. Time is run­ning out for one deal though: exclu­sive The Clymb tees won’t be around for much longer. Now’s the time to pur­chase one get your whole order to ship for free.

And there’s always time to stop by Face­book or Twit­ter with your ques­tions, sug­ges­tions, and to get inside info on upcom­ing events.

It’s been a great week! I got to give away Clymb cred­its and SIEGE Audio head­phones and ear­buds on Face­book and Twit­ter. That was a lot of fun. I kind of felt like Oprah, but with­out the mas­sive for­tune and world­wide ado­ra­tion, but close enough. We’re gonna try to do give­aways like that more often so keep your eyes peeled.

We also fea­tured two won­der­ful blogs by Clymb mem­ber David Sandel and blog­ger Melyn­da Har­ri­son. Check it out if you missed them.

We’re gonna close out the week in style — four styles, actually.

Limar — The Hel­met Spe­cial­ists — more than achieve their con­stant goal of bring­ing per­for­mance and com­fort to their hel­mets. They pro­vide a per­fect fit, opti­mal air­flow and excel­lent per­for­mance for every bik­er. Mem­bers of The Clymb can pur­chase Limar hel­mets at up to 50% off.

Also at up to 50% off, out­er­wear and bike acces­sories for men and women from Vaude, a com­pa­ny with roots in moun­tain sports, that oper­ates with a social and envi­ron­men­tal respon­si­bil­i­ty that’s unpar­al­leled. Check out our selec­tion here.

At up to 55% off, the rev­o­lu­tion­ary-designed per­for­mance appar­el from Pearl Izu­mi. We have an awe­some selec­tion for men and women from the ELITE Ver­sa jer­sey to The Lim­it­ed Edi­tion Tech T. Shop Pearl Izu­mi now.

Final­ly, for high-qual­i­ty Run, Bike, Tri per­for­mance appar­el, look no fur­ther than our up to 55% off event on SUGOI for men and women. Shop SUG­OI’s jer­seys, jack­ets and gloves here.

These are mem­bers-only events, but I’ll send you an invite if you hit me up on Face­book or Twit­ter. Have a great week­end, guys!

P.S. Don’t for­get to file your tax­es, too.

We’ve got today’s event in the bag. All kinds of bags.

Hand­made in San Fran­cis­co, Timbuk2 bags are styl­ish, com­fort­able and meet all of your car­ry needs. From equip­ment, gear, a change of clothes, books, tablets, e‑readers and phones, all of your pre­cious car­go trav­els safely.

Vaude has cap­tured the spir­it of moun­tain sports in their bags and appar­el. We have a selec­tion of both for our mem­bers in today’s “In The Bag” event.

Mem­bers of The Clymb will receive up to 50% off both brands start­ing today at 9am PST. Click the brand links below to begin shop­ping. If you’re not a mem­ber, you won’t have access, but drop­ping by Twit­ter or Face­book is a good way to get signed up quickly.

Speak­ing of Twit­ter, today is a great day to start fol­low­ing us. Keep your eyes peeled today for a spe­cial announce­ment tweet.

Shop Vaude.

Shop Timbuk2.