This video is the per­fect rem­e­dy for those look­ing to skip the long work­out, but are still hop­ing to unwind and de-stress, which is often times eas­i­er said than done.

This chan­nel by Tara Stiles is great because she’s easy to lis­ten to and fol­low, she’s got tons of short rou­tines for peo­ple to explore for what­ev­er one’s yoga needs are. In addi­tion, she has a series of recipe shares and she even has a new series around pre-natal yoga since she her­self is preg­nant right now.

Oh My Stout from Mitch Bear­den on Vimeo.

While most folks try to avoid flip­ping their kayaks, there are oth­ers who have turned it into a sport with­in itself. For those folks, I’m hap­py to just watch their Youtube videos.

This video was inspired by the Tal­lu­lah Fest 2013 con­test. The fes­ti­val is put on by BBB Pad­dling, which is “a band of adven­tur­ers bound by the out­doors, bro­ken gui­tar strings, and emp­ty beer bot­tles,” accord­ing to their web­site. “We hiked the AT, pad­dled Amer­i­ca’s rivers and throw the wildest kayak­ing par­ty in the South­east.  We’re from the Blue Ridge.…the mountainside.…underneath the stars.”

If watch­ing a Youtube video is not enough, check out the con­test and join the “band of adven­tur­ers”. Maybe you’ll be the next Tal­lu­lah Fest winner.

If you think you’ve seen your fair share of YouTube rap videos, think again. MC SpandX clev­er­ly spits jus­ti­fi­ca­tions for spend­ing an exor­bi­tant amount of mon­ey on what we all know is well worth it: our cycles.

So, if you’re still lick­ing your wounds from a recent upgrade, need­ing some con­vinc­ing, or just appre­ci­ate clever rap videos, def­i­nite­ly check this out.

By Alec Ross

Some days, you’re the fish. And some days, you’re the osprey, skill­ful­ly stalk­ing and cap­tur­ing your lunch. At the 30-sec­ond mark the osprey swoops and grabs three fish at once. Lat­er, his feet-first dive snags a mas­sive fish. Here’s to hop­ing that today, you’re as awe­some as this osprey.

[Via: YouTube]