British Virgin Islands Surf Sup

British Virgin Islands Surf SupSome of the best beach­es of the Caribbean can be found in the British Vir­gin Islands, which means there are also some pret­ty gnarly places to surf and SUP. Here are a few of the best swells along the BVI’s shores.

Josiah’s Bay, Tortola
Josiah’s Bay is the only beach break in the British Vir­gin Islands, loaded with both rights and lefts, but it’s also not so chal­leng­ing that it won’t appeal to every­one. It’s great for long board­ers in par­tic­u­lar, along with those look­ing for a place to SUP. The waves rarely reach high­er than your head, with most being just a cou­ple of feet and dur­ing a lot of time it gets pret­ty flat out there. Be warned, how­ev­er, that Josiah’s Bay is also pret­ty infa­mous for its rough rip­tide with a nefar­i­ous back­wash and under­tow work­ing to pull you down. You’ll get lost out there if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Apple Bay, Tortola
Apple Bay is a pop­u­lar reef break that tends to send surfers for a ride when they attempt to tack­le its inside shelf. The waves here break most­ly to the right and are per­fect dur­ing an Atlantic North­ern swell. It’s notable most­ly for its appeal to pro­fes­sion­al surfers from around the globe, so don’t attempt to tack­le it with­out plen­ty of expe­ri­ence under your belt. The bot­tom here is coral, not sand, so if you hit the water and get rag-dolled under­neath a strong wave you’re going to be feel­ing it for days.

Well Bay, Beef Island
You won’t find any great, or even good, surf­ing along Well Bay, but it’s a fan­tas­tic place for a SUP adven­ture. The waters here are con­sis­tent­ly calm and pro­vide great views of the sur­round­ing island, which con­tains numer­ous man­groves and vari­eties of marine life. It’s also a hop away from the air­port so you can make it your first trip as soon as you get off the plane if you’re feel­ing frisky.

Cane Bay, Tortola
Tor­to­la is home to the best waves in the BVI, with the biggest resid­ing along the shores of Cane Bay. This right point break only arrives a hand­ful of times a year so locals can be a lit­tle greedy about let­ting tourists in, but if you’re an expe­ri­enced surfer they’ll open up once you show you can hang with the best of them. The waves reach upward of fif­teen feet high dur­ing the biggest breaks and Can­non Point is for experts only, so aim for that area if you want to test your met­tle. Oth­er­wise, the sur­round­ing bay is great for skilled surfers look­ing for places to duck and dive. Long and short boards wel­come here.

Ane­ga­da is the north­ern­most of the British Vir­gin Islands and arguably the most beau­ti­ful. It’s small so you can cir­cle the entire thing over the course of a day. The island is extreme­ly pop­u­lar among pro­fes­sion­al kite board­ers thanks to the calm waves and excel­lent winds, but it’s also a good spot to get your SUP on. The waters are crys­tal clear and the views go on for miles. There isn’t much in the way of onshore enter­tain­ment, but that’s okay, because there’s plen­ty to see swim­ming under the water here. The coral reef below is home to dozens of species of fish run­ning through the mazes and tun­nels. It’s breath­tak­ing and per­fect for SUP.