Tomor­row we’re fea­tur­ing Ibex out­er­wear and appar­el, and while we know they make ultra-soft per­for­mance appar­el, it did beg the big­ger ques­tion: What’s an ibex?

Well, the short answer is: It’s a goat.

The long answer is: Ibex is a com­mon name for a vari­ety of moun­tain goats like the Alpine ibex, a wild goat in the moun­tains of the Euro­pean Alps, or the Mid­dle East­ern Nubian ibex.

And the fun­ny answer is: An ibex isn’t some­thing you real­ly want to argue with. You just won’t win.

[Via: su642r]

And for some tru­ly badass ibex­es, check out these Alpine ibex­es climb­ing an almost ver­ti­cal dam.