Steve Fra­zier set the old record for the high­est water­fall run in an open canoe in 1994. He dropped the 60-foot Com­pres­sion Falls on the Elk Riv­er in North Car­oli­na, and there’s good rea­son that his record has stood for two decades. Unlike a kayak, a canoeist is much more sus­cep­ti­ble to get tossed from the boat, and there­fore, much more like­ly to get injured. On Frazier’s attempt, like the name of the falls sug­gests, he com­pressed the ver­te­brae in his spine.

Jim Cof­fey, how­ev­er, has more expe­ri­ence run­ning water­falls in a canoe than any­one else in the world. He recent­ly set a new world record by drop­ping the 60-foot water­fall Cas­ca­da Truchas in Mex­i­co. This record may stand for a long while, and this video, set to a somber an epic sound­track, cap­tures Coffey’s attempt.