Dis­claimer:  This list is biased.  In no way can one per­son be the sin­gle author­i­ty on all things ski video relat­ed.  It is a genre which will for­ev­er be debat­ed until the end of time… or until glob­al warm­ing makes ski­ing become noth­ing but a mem­o­ry.  Hope­ful­ly that will nev­er hap­pen, and even if it does, peo­ple will prob­a­bly still argue about which ski movie runs supreme.  So please leave your snob­by opin­ion at home, crit­ics… this is just one man’s opin­ion, so take it with a grain of salt, and enjoy the movies if you haven’t seen them already.

Bliz­zard of Ahhs (1988)-

This isn’t an ordered, count­down style list, but I prob­a­bly should have saved the best for last.  As it is, this was the first movie to come to mind, and it does not dis­ap­point in all around epic­ness.  It was the first big-moun­tain movie, designed by those on the cut­ting edge of the big moun­tain scene.  It’s as core as it gets, or at least for the 80’s…

Ski Coun­try (1984) -

This is clas­sic War­ren Miller cheese.  But some­thing about it just makes you feel good inside.  Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the style, but like­ly it’s the whole mid-80’s pack­age.  Part doc­u­men­tary, part snow porn, War­ren Miller always found the lighter side of ski­ing through his poignant, yet slight­ly hokey com­men­tary.  But if you grew up watch­ing ski movies, I know you had a few ran­dom War­ren Miller copies.  I chose “Ski Coun­try” pure­ly for nos­tal­gic rea­sons.  Old diehards WM fans might want to start an argu­ment with me and debate the idio­syn­crasies of each of the 62 movies put out by the War­ren Miller empire. For those peo­ple, please spend less time being a nerd and more time get­ting rad in the snow.

Hot Dog (1984) — 

This was Hol­ly­wood’s effort on cap­i­tal­iz­ing on the youth ski cul­ture.  And by most accounts, it suc­ceed­ed.  Hot girls, fun ski scenes, and a hel­lu­va par­ty make it a great movie to watch with a few ski bud­dies while enjoy­ing an apres-ski gluhwein.

Year­book (2004)-

This is the first movie that Match­stick Pro­duc­tions made with a title oth­er than “Ski Movie”, so that cre­ative endeav­our in itself gets a nod.  But the fact that this video is crammed with so much incred­i­ble tal­ent makes it one to not miss.  Two of the ath­letes are no longer with us — Shane McConkey and CR Johnson.

Tan­ger­ine Dream (2005) -

This movie is anoth­er one that is a bit nos­tal­gic — One that was a real inspi­ra­tion.  One that I felt I had arrived as a ski­er, when instead of feel­ing intim­i­dat­ed by the lines in the movie, I became arm­chair quar­ter­back and start­ed to crit­i­cise the lines think­ing “he should’ve gone left there” or “why did he slow down?”.  Per­haps it’s a sign of arro­gance.  Either way, this movie is pret­ty darn kick-ass.

All.I.Can (2011)-

I don’t want to bore you with words here.  If you just watched that intro seg­ment and don’t want to see this visu­al bonan­za, then I won’t be able to con­vince you.

Few Words (2012)-

This is the only one on the list that is new this year.  Can­dide Thoveaux has been an inspi­ra­tion to an entire gen­er­a­tion of freeskiers.  Not only is he tal­ent­ed but he’s just a good poster boy for the sport.  And obvi­ous­ly Quick­sil­ver agrees.