Friday Jam: Mr Little Jeans “Runaway”

It’s strange how some­times the short week after Memo­r­i­al Day can draaaag. Luck­i­ly, with all the fun stuff hap­pen­ing at The Clymb, this week seemed to fly right by me. But no mat­ter how you arrived to this June 1st, the fact remains: it’s Fri­day (amen).

This week’s Jam is “Run­away” by Mr Lit­tle Jeans and for all us week­end war­riors toil­ing over the best way to load that pile of gear, cool­ers, pets, and peo­ple into our sta­tion wag­ons, the theme of escape can be moti­va­tion­al. I rec­om­mend you wait until break­ing free of the rush-hour traf­fic before you pump this track and steal away from the city in a blaze of glory.

For those of you won­der­ing if the name Mr Lit­tle Jeans refers to Kumar Pal­lana’s char­ac­ter in the movie Rush­more — it does. Bonus points.