If Your Gear Could Talk

Noth­ing tells the tale of an epic adven­ture like the state of your gear when it’s over. If your gear could talk, which piece would have us lis­ten­ing with rapt atten­tion? What has seen the most trav­els, crossed the most miles, and shared the most memories?

Share a pic of that gear and tell us in 50 words or less (Hey, your gear is doing most of the talk­ing here!) why this gear has seen it all. You can post the pic to our Face­book wall, email it to contests@theclymb.com, or tag us on Insta­gram (#The­Clymb). We’ll pick three win­ners for Clymb credit.

And trust us: With the Black Fri­day event we have planned for you, you’ll appre­ci­ate the cred­it. You have until tomor­row at 5pm EDT to get your pics in.