My Ongoing Clymb

Jon from the blog “The Adven­tures of Jon, Lau­rence and Mo” takes an embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tion and uses it as fuel to over­come his great­est clymb… and get the girl.

Through­out my life I’ve been active in some way or anoth­er.  In high school it was foot­ball and track.  In col­lege it was rac­quet­ball and lift­ing.  My clymb begins a few after col­lege.  I was work­ing at a large cor­po­ra­tion in cor­po­rate mar­ket­ing.  I remem­ber this day vivid­ly, I was work­ing on a project with a VP who want­ed to “walk and talk” as his sched­ule was full but we need­ed to dis­cuss next steps.  Dur­ing this 10 min meet­ing, between his oth­er oblig­a­tions, I found myself exit­ing a stair­well after two flights of stairs breath­ing  deeply and start­ing to per­spire.  It was embar­rass­ing!  My entire life I’ve been in decent shape and now I was two years out of col­lege weigh­ing 295 pounds.  Where did all this weight come from!?!?  No won­der I was strug­gling to keep up with this 50+ VP in the stairwell.

That day was the day I decid­ed I would start run­ning and los­ing weight.  When I got home from work I laced up my old ten­nis shoes and head­ed out for a “run.”  I didn’t make it to the end of the block with­out hav­ing to take a walk break.  I pushed myself to go far­ther and far­ther with few­er walk breaks.  I stopped eat­ing a burg­er and fries every day for lunch and I saw pounds fall off.  I was doing it…I was climb­ing out of the hole.

Fast for­ward a year and a half.  I was reg­u­lar­ly run­ning 3–4 miles at least three times a week.  I’ve done a few 5Ks.  I have also met the love of my life.  She was train­ing for her first marathon so to impress her I signed up for a half marathon.  We fin­ished the half marathon a few min apart, I fin­ished fast and strong speed­ing my 10 min/mile pace up to 9 min/mile for the last 3 miles.  I crossed the fin­ish line feel­ing great!  I did it!  I pulled myself out of my hole!  That moment defines my on-going climb.  I was rid­ing high.  My soon to be wife was proud and excit­ed to see me cross that line.

I did a num­ber of races that fall and the more I raced the more I felt like I was climb­ing high­er.  I start­ed think­ing; can I sum­mit the world of run­ning?  Can I run a marathon?  I quick­ly signed up for Twin Cities marathon and kept training.

Fast for­ward anoth­er year. I was toe­ing the start­ing line of Twin Cities Marathon.  My sis­ter-in-law was by my side (she is an 11 time marathon­er), we ran side by side until mile 25.  At which point I need­ed to walk the water stop and she knew I would fin­ish at that point so I told her to go and fin­ish strong.  Just a few min lat­er I crossed that fin­ish line with a smile on my face.  Again, I did it!  I was out of my hole and at the sum­mit of life.  I was rid­ing high!

After that I took some time off from run­ning and slow­ly slide back down the side of the moun­tain to my hole.  I didn’t reach the same bot­tom but through­out the next year I did the same cycle.  And this year, I again I slide down the side clos­er to that orig­i­nal hole.

Each time I climb out and cross that fin­ish line the look on my wife’s face means the world to me.  She is always proud of my accom­plish­ments.  Recent­ly I’ve made a ded­i­ca­tion to flat­ten this cycle and reach for new sum­mits.  I’m once again work­ing on my run­ning base.  In the days when I don’t run I bike.  Bik­ing is my escape.  Bik­ing makes the world blur.  It is my time to focus on me and eval­u­ate my progress towards the next sum­mit, towards the next fin­ish line hug from my wife.

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